We are often identified through our IDs. In the business world, IDs have now become a crucial part to secure the company’s security and integrity. Planning to make sets of IDs today but having a hard time in the layout and design? That’s not a problem! Get your hands on our ready-made editable ID card templates available in Adobe Illustrator to help you design identification cards of your members, students, or employees. All sample is 100% customizable and printable that you can utilize to properly identify them as they enter your company, organization, or school. These files make use of premade content that is professionally designed and can be customized to suit your preferences. What are you waiting for? Download any of our ready-made editable templates in Illustrator today!

An ID card, also called an identification card or identity card, is a type of card that bears someone’s personal data like name, address, birth date, and other relevant information with a photo attached to it. In a snap, you can already recognize the person through the ID card he/she wears.

How to Make an ID Card in Adobe Illustrator

With the advancement of technology, the business world has upgraded the traditional purpose of an ID Card. Its modern age impetus includes streamlining operations, protecting from an unlikely and dangerous intrusion, and building relationships. Aside from that, whether it’s a school ID card or a state ID card, it can serve as a gate pass to enter any event and can be used to avail some offered discounts and special deals.

If you are planning to make a set of ID cards today, allow us to help you ease the burden of drafting from scratch. With these easy steps, you can produce ID cards easily for your students, employees, or even visitors as you utilize our ready-made editable ID card templates in Adobe Illustrator.

1. Download

Choose template/s from our ready-made ID card templates available at Template.net. Pick the best one or the one that best fits your company or school. All files are downloadable and are free of charge. Make the most of our offer.

2. Customize

Since all templates are 100% customizable, you can change every premade detail in our original ID card. It’s for you to customize and edit, so it's all up to you.

3. Add Info

Add relevant information. If you’re drafting it for your employees, you may want to include an employee’s name, job title, and the department he/she belongs to.

4. Add Image

A photograph or picture is important in an ID card. A photo makes it quick and easy for the guards to identify the employees and visitors. This, too, can help minimize the danger of theft and impersonation. So make sure to add images to their ID cards as you draft it.

Other than that, make sure to add the personal pictures of your employees to their respective ID cards. You have to put the images to its corresponding ID cards.

More to that, the businesses that extend human service to the public are likely to put a face aside from its name on an employee's ID card to create a better relationship between an employee and a customer. That further builds some rapport and accountability to an employee.

5. Check

In cases where there’s an error in drafting, you can have it checked by yourself or by someone else. Always check your output after editing to avoid mistakes. It is important to put relevant details in the right places. Accuracy should be observed.

6. Save and Print

After everything, you can save your draft to your computer. You can use it for future purposes or you can go again online. There are a lot of editable ID card templates available for you for free.

If you're done, then you can now print them for distribution.

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