How to Create a Healthcare ID Card in Photoshop

Hospital is a busy place; patients, families, and employees are running every corner. The hospital employee and staff are always in a hurry to aid their patients. Since it is a bustling place, it is tough to distinguish which employee you will call for help. To make your healthcare facility organized, make an ID Card or Identification Card for your personnel such as the physician, surgeon, nurse, paramedic, and to all of your hospital employees. Having a healthcare ID card will help the patients know who to call and also will improve the security of your hospital. Do not stress yourself on how to make a healthcare ID card because our templates above will be a big help. And to add it all, we also have six steps below that you can follow in the process of your making of a healthcare ID card.

1. Layout the ID

Layouting includes ID size and orientation. There are three ID card sizes that you can choose: credit card (54 mm x 86 mm), data collection size (59 mm x 83 mm ), and government size (99 mm x 67 mm). As for the orientation, you can either choose the vertical or horizontal ID card.

2. Add the Information

The information includes the hospital name, complete address, contact information, website, and bar code. For the personal data of the employee, it consists of the full name, address, and job description. Make sure that the employee name and job position is readable for everyone so that they can immediately call for help even if the employee is far from them.

3. Insert Photo and Logo

The photo will serve as a solid proof of identification that the person is an employee of the hospital. When you insert the picture, make sure that it is formal. The logo is for the branding of your hospital. It will be better if you will add the logo as a background of your ID.

4. Write Terms and Conditions

To secure your company, you need to lay terms and conditions on the ID Card so that your employees will be aware of the scope and limitations of the healthcare ID. It will be better to place the terms and conditions on the back part of the ID.

5. Include Signature

The signature is another proof of identification. Every ID's will be more valid if the owner will sign it using their signature. The signature is usually placed under or above the name of the person. Make sure that the signature they will input on the ID is their permanent signature.

6. Print Using PVC Plastic

ID's are usually made of PVC Plastics because it is flexible and durable. Before you print, make sure that there are no longer errors to save you from printing again. Let professional printing businesses do the printing so that the graphics of your ID will remain.

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