How To Make An ID Card In Adobe InDesign

An Identification Card or ID Card may be small, but it plays a vital role in every corporate company. It is identified as a valuable object that improves the establishment's safety as well as making staff feel they are lawfully part of the organization. In this article, we will show you the basic needs of how to create an ID Card, whether it is for schools or offices with the help of Adobe InDesign. Continue scrolling down below for the step-by-step guide that we promised.

1. Gather Information of the Card's Owner

The very first step in making an ID Card is to gather every relevant information of the owner. When we say information, it means you have to collect his/her personal details such as his/her full name, complete address, ID number, and more. If that person is a college medical student, then you have to state his/her degree program, but if you are generating ID Cards for office staff, then you have to indicate his/her position at work so that they will be identified. There are also other significant details that you might want to include, such as his/her emergency contact person and signature. Gather it all so that you will state it later on as we proceed to the following steps.

2. Add the ID Owner's Picture

Apart from the ID owner's personal information, you also have to add his/her photo so that it will serve as a legitimate proof that he/she is undoubtedly the owner. Make sure that you follow the specific guidelines on how to take a formal photo for badges and professional ID Cards. Such instructions are the following: formal attire, white background, eyes straight to the camera, and more. Research for more info so that you will be guided as you do your own.

3. Use ID Card Templates

If you want to minimize your work, then we highly suggest you download a ready-made ID Card template from us. If you opt to download one, you will no longer start from the bottom for all you need to do is to replace or insert the content which you have gathered from the first step. If you want to make your editing process less hassle, then we recommend you use Adobe InDesign as your editing tool because InDesign has tools that are helpful for you. Won't believe us? Then try downloading one now and experience the comfort.

4. Adjust the Layout and the Format

The format of your ID Card actually depends on your administration. You have to ask the person who is higher from you to what specific format you shall be following, whether it's vertical or the horizontal format. Your designs and layout must be formal. Refrain from using too much designs for it will only complicate your ID Card. Don't forget to indicate the branding elements of your company, such as the official logo and others.

5. Start Printing the ID Card

You're ready to print the ID Card once you have finished editing everything. Before clicking the print button, remember to check the contents all over again. Once it's done, distribute the badges to the respective ID Cardholders.

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