Aside from the mere fact that an ID card serves as a tool for identifying your constituents (employees, students, etc.), it also increases the security of the establishment and its workers and/or clients, and most importantly, it promotes accountability. This means that you can pinpoint the person who may have caused any damage or is the right person to ask for some specific questions. With that said, identity (ID) cards need to be utilized for these purposes. However, you might find it stressful especially when you work on balancing beauty and professionalism. Well, we understand your work endeavors so let us help you out by utilizing our beautifully and professionally designed ID card templates only here in pro. They're 100% customizable and easily editable in all file formats, especially in MS Publisher. Download today and create the most competitive ID cards in Publisher now. 

How To Make Modern ID Cards In Publisher?

ID cards in a general sense, play an important role in the company's security, its subordinates' accountability, and its brand promotion. For you to learn how to create an effective ID card, here are a few steps and inclusions for you to take into consideration as you use MS Publisher to design your own ID cards.

1. Gather Information

The very first step you'll take when you begin to think about designing your own ID cards is to gather personal information from each employee, student, or any member of the establishment. Since identification is obviously the primary purpose of ID cards, then make sure to preserve it by providing a comprehensive and detailed set of the ID card holder's personal information; which, begins from gathering their personal data.

2. Care About Their Preference

You don't just put in their personal information in their ID cards by simply checking on their birth documents. Some people consider themselves as someone else beyond the documents they possess. Take transgenders as an example. As soon as you begin gathering their personal information, it's best if you ask them what personal details would they like to put in their ID cards. If they want to use a different name, then give it to them. Well, you may do that unless the institution does not allow so.

3. Choose A Modern Design

Whether you want to use vertical or horizontal layout, never compromise the professionality of your ID cards. Choosing a minimalist, yet engaging ID cards are essential to use especially in the professional or corporate world like in business industries. Upon thinking about a good layout, always remember that you are doing this for the members of the company, so always remember to give it a decent look. Then, choose to make it modern by simply putting in the barcode so as to easily track your employee's log-in and log-out activities.

4. Pick A Decent ID Photo

Aside from ensuring that you make a beautiful card design, never forget to use a good, professional-looking ID picture of your employee. Well, it's already about giving clear and specific instructions to your photographer. Whatever angle the photographer chooses to shoot the holder, make sure that the photo uses a white or plain-colored background and the employee is wearing the company uniform or a decent formal attire.

5. Choose An ID Card Template

Since MS Publisher provides you with beautifully designed and professionally made ID card templates, then take advantage of such deals. This way, you are simply cutting your expenses off because you won't need to hire a graphic designer anymore. You can do this by simply clicking on the "ID Card templates" buttons in the "Available Templates" section of MS Publisher. Then, don't forget to save your file as a template. This would be very useful in the future. If you don't want to stress your self from designing your ID cards from scratch, then this works for you.

6. Never Forget The Logo

As mentioned, ID cards are also an essential instrument in marketing your business (or the company per se). Therefore, always remember to put in your logo and your brand. Your employees (ID cardholders) are also your walking advertisers. As soon as they wear their ID cards outside your establishment, they flaunt with them the name and technically the brand of your company. So for great security, accountability, and brand marketability, never forget to include the logo.

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