Service Id Cards Word Templates

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How to Make a Service ID Card in MS Word?

A service ID card or service identification card is a tool that's used to verify personnel or staff. Those who provide services like cleaning, catering, valet, delivery, police, and dog services, are required to have their own ID cards. t's because of the importance of identification that the cards exist as they can either prove or disprove the claims regarding one's identity. If you want to learn how to make one with the Microsoft Word program, then here are the steps you can follow:

1. Understand the Purpose

The main essence of having a service ID is to show and prove that you are the very person that they are finding. So study the type of service that you are offering. You have to know the purpose and essence behind the ID card and see the vision of the company's services. This way, you can determine the purpose of the service ID card.

2. Imagine the Design of the Service ID Card

Choose an approach to making an ID card. You can use the typical old-fashioned design, or you can go for a contemporary touch. You can refer to some samples on the internet, or you can download a template in If you choose to go with the latter option, then know that even the simplest card template consists of pre-made designs that you can always edit at any time. If you decide to start from scratch, then be creative in planning the designs. Plan the background and the colors for the identification card. Make it necessary for the company as well. Also, utilize colors that display the brand of the company. 

3. Format Layout

In this case, open Microsoft Word. Choose the appropriate size for the ID. The size varies to your favor, but the standard size for ID cards is 3.370 in x 2.125 inches. Choose your desired format orientation also. You can choose portrait or landscape format.

4. Design the Service ID Card

It's time to begin designing the ID card. Begin with the background. You can use any background image or color; make sure that the words masked above the background are still bright and readable. For better applicability, you can put the working area as a background. If it's a school, then you can use the campus setting as the background.  Put the planned designs into the MS Word. What you need to prevent is putting too many unnecessary designs in your ID card. Avoid irrelevant colors and decorations if there is. Make it as smooth as possible. What matters are the pieces of information inside the service ID card.

5. Insert the Personal Information

It's time to put the required information about the person who is going to use the service ID card. Put the company name and its address. The company information serves as proof that the employee does work in that particular company. Next is the main reason for the ID.  Insert the personal information of the individual. In the front, write the staff's name, position, signature, along with his or her portrait. In the back portion, put the address, contact information, blood-type, and contact information of a relative in case of unfortunate emergency. Lastly, write the terms and condition too.

6. Finalize and Print

Make sure that the card is editable so that you can fix whatever mistakes you may have made. Recheck the personal information and see to it that everything is correctly set in place. After finalizing, save the service ID card and print it nicely.