What Is an Insertion Order?

An insertion order is an official document between an advertising agency and a partnered media about the products or services by a company that will be advertised and is the last step in the proposal process. With an insertion order, it would be more precise to propose the agreement about the advertising with the terms and obligations to minimize or avoid future disputes.

How to Make an Insertion Order

insertion order template

To gain more popularity and to be commercially successful, a company would like to advertise their products or services in different mediums such as in print or broadcast form, TV, or radio. To accomplish that, you will need to file an insertion order to the media representatives. Here are quick key points in making a printable order.

1. Your Company

At the top, it is important to indicate your company name. Leave enough space under the company name for your company's slogan. Putting a logo is optional, but preferable. In printing your logo, and if there is a slogan, make sure they are not too big but viewable enough, not dominating the whole space. This is just to help validate from whom the insertion order comes from.

2. Agreed Exposure and Publicity

As an essential element, indicate the dates agreed when the product or service will be advertised. This to expect when it will be available in the chosen media and when will it be due. Also, there must be concrete impressions to be served written in the insertion order. In advertising, impressions is defined as the number of times your advertisement is being shown, clicked or not.

3. Determine Ad Dimensions to Be Used

In your simple order, your ad dimension will be determined by the measurement of pixels (width × height). It will help you envision the visual quality when it will be displayed as an advertisement. For better quality, negotiate with the service provider with the most possible highest resolution available for your product or service.

4. Pricing and Total Cost

One of the essential elements in the sample order that must not be missed is the pricing structure and its grand total cost. Each time should be described by its reasonable pricing. After, the grand total must be indicated clearly. For more emphasis, your grand total can be customized by changing its font or have it highlighted with a color.

5. Make Use of Tables

For a more narrow and easy to read details, make use of tables. In this way, it will look clean and orderly, making it easy to understand right away. Information will be structured in a well-organized manner. Highlighting of significant details can be done also by printing it in one single color. If you think there is something wrong with the insertion order, fix it immediately before filing it over. At the most bottom part of the paper, provide a space for the signature of both parties and the date it was agreed and signed. This is to prove your insertion order is official and valid.

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