Inspector Job Description Templates

Clearly Define the Roles and Responsibilities of an Inspector with's Free Inspector Job Descriptions. Whether an Applicant Wants to Apply as a Food Inspector, Building Inspector, Health Inspector, Security Inspector or Welding Inspector for Professional Quality Control Methods, They'll Surely Understand Your Requirements. You'll Get Resume Samples and Resume Examples Fast! Download Now!See more

Inspectors play an essential role in a business. They ensure that safety procedures and quality assurance are being practiced and observed carefully. That said, the success of a business could depend on an inspector's assessment and judgment. So if your company is looking for an inspector, make sure to hire the best by referring to our 100% customizable Inspector Job Description Templates. These template files elaborate on the duties, skills, and qualifications of various inspector job titles, such as aviation, construction, mechanical, etc. For sure, your company will receive applications from qualified candidates after you publish these files. You can revise and customize them in Apple (MAC) Pages, Google Docs, and MS Word. Find top tier inspectors by downloading these job description templates now!   

What Is an Inspector Job Description?

A hierarchical list of an inspector's duties, skills, and qualifications are what makes up an inspector job description. Other than that, it may also have a job summary and information about its salary packages and employee benefits. 

How to Create an Inspector Job Description

Job description forms can help companies to have a written guide about their job titles. Plus, they will have a reference in determining whether an applicant or candidate is fit for the job or not. So if your company, be it manufacturing or service-oriented, is about to hire crucial inspector positions, make sure to establish job descriptions for each. Our guide below will help you create a job description for inspector jobs.  

1. Indicate the Inspector Job

As the title of the job description document, indicate what kind of inspector position it's representing. For example, if the job is a fire inspector, you can simply title the document as Fire Inspector Job Description.  

2. Make a Summary

In this process, you have to summarize or write a bird's eye view about the inspector position. You can talk about its primary workloads, the people associated with the job (e.g., manager, supervisor, director), and purpose in the company. Just keep it brief and straightforward.   

3. Elaborate the Duties, Skills, and Qualifications

This is the most important step when creating a job description document. The duties, skills, and qualifications are the points of reference whether an applicant's resume is enough to consider him/her a qualified candidate. When listing them down, make sure that they are in hierarchal order, starting from the most relevant down to the least.   

4. Provide a Short Company Overview

When an applicant sees the job description in a job advertisement or job posting site, he/she will likely want to know more about your company. So as a courtesy, make sure to provide at least a short glimpse of your company's origins and what it does.  

5. Mention the Salary Package and Benefits  

As a way of enticing a prospective applicant to go for the vacant inspector position, mentioning the salary package and explaining the benefits is an excellent approach. One of the things that applicants look into when applying for a job is salary and compensation. 


  • What Are the Responsibilities of an Inspector?

      The following are the general duties of an inspector:

      1. Check relevant documentation and reports
      2. Create an inspection strategy or method
      3. Consult with supervisors, managers, business owners, etc.
      4. Observe business operations and practices
      5. Evaluate
      6. Submits a report
      7. Provide detailed feedback      

  • How Much Is the Salary of an Inspector?

      Based on a statistic from, inspector jobs can earn you an average yearly income of $35,086. The range is between $24,000 to $55,000.  

  • What Are the Specific Types of Inspector Jobs?

      There many kinds of inspector jobs. The following below are the most common and recognizable in the industry:

      1. Quality control inspector
      2. Quality assurance inspector
      3. Fire inspector
      4. Food inspector
      5. Safety inspector
      6. Aviation inspector
      7. Electrical inspector
      8. Plumbing inspector
      9. Mechanical inspector
      10. Construction inspector

  • What Is the Responsibility of a QC or QA Inspector?

      Most quality control (QC) or quality assurance (QA) inspectors work directly for a company. Their primary responsibility is to inspect products, assess production operations, and report defects and substandard materials.  

  • What Are the Qualities of an Excellent QC or QA Inspector?

      To be able to work as a QC or QA inspector, you have to undergo extensive training and study further about a particular field or industry. Despite the training and studies, a QC or QA inspector will not be considered an excellent one without these traits:

      1. Excellent attention to detail
      2. Above-average analytical abilities
      3. Good verbal and written communication prowess
      4. Superior logical thinking and problem-solving skills
      5. Profound technical abilities