How to Write an Instructor Job Description in Google Docs

Job descriptions have been a constant medium for employers to convey and align the interest of their particular applicants on a particular hiring process even before the two parties meet. It serves as its function as an immediate point of reference to keep every detail of the recruitment clear, to save both parties’ time and effort.

As an employer for potential instructors, it’s also a must to make sure your instructor job description can entice and excite your applicants of why it’s best to invest time in your company than others. To help you with that, here’s our list of factors to observe in developing an Instructor Job Description in Google Docs.

1. Write Exactly the Job Title

Firstly, the job title “Instructor” is still vague. There are numerous Instructor job titles according to the industry. Hence, specify your needed Instructor. Are you hiring for a Gym Instructor or College Instructor? Or what other else.

2. Integrate A Company Outline

As to uphold clarity and transparency, a short paragraph for your company outline in your instructor job description is strongly recommended. Describe your work environment succinctly, share your company’s significant milestones, entail the founding history and others. This is to establish your job description with credibility.

3. Detail the Job Responsibilities

Essentially, your instructor job description should be able to comprehensively let your applicants aware of the nature of work or range of his or her duties as such. For easier conveying, bullet-list it.

4. Tally the Requirements

Furthermore, do not miss to detail as well the necessary documents such as resume, cover letter, certificates, or more others in your instructor job description. Be certain and concrete when requesting.

5. Keep It Clear and Concise

Your sample Instructor job description should be clearly understood upon reading. It should not cause in any form of confusion or vagueness. Hence, once you have already completed a draft, always take time to review and revise your composition when necessary.

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