Do you have a company in mind that you want to be a part of their team? Are you not sure if their still up for employment? Then it is time to send them a Letter of Intent and show them your interest to be a part of them. Stand out among other job applicants by sending a letter of intent to your desired company. Take advantage of our Letter of Intent in Google Docs Templates and customize it as your own. Give yourself a break from the tiring task of writing resumes by downloading our 100% customizable template. Make use of our template and get yourself a job now!

How to Write a Letter of Intent in Google Docs

Many are confused between the letter of intent and cover letter. Though both letters are presented when applying for a job, both still have a big difference. Letter of Intent does not have a specific job position and is a company-centered letter, while cover letters have a job position and is a position-centered letter. Unlike the cover letter, a letter of intent can be used for schools when applying for a scholarship or funding for college. To avoid confusion, we have tips in writing a letter of intent that will help you.

1. Use a Formal Writing Tone

Always make your writing tone sound formal and professional. Even in the greetings and salutation part, use a professional and formal way of writing. The letter of intent aims to convince the employer to accept your job application; hence you need to appeal to them professionally. Even the letter of intent is for school; you need to use formal words to take your application into consideration.

2. Consider Adding a Subject Line

Subject lines help the recipient immediately determine the purpose of your letter. This is not a necessary thing to do, but if you want to appeal to the employer, this will be a great help. The subject line is where you will write the main point of the letter. You can write your name along with a few phrases like 'Job Inquiry' or 'School Admission'. Use any phrases that will give your recipient a hint on what the letter is all about.

3. Get to Know Your Recipient

As stated above, a letter of intent is a company-centered type of letter. It is a must that before you start writing your letter, you need to research about the company first. In your letter, you must state what you can add to the company. You will only achieve this if you know the culture of the company. Research about their mission, vision, needs, and any points that you deem useful for your application.

4. Keep it Short and Simple

The letter must not be longer than one page. The hiring manager will lose interest if your letter is more than one page. The shorter and concise the letter is the better. Keeping your letter short does not mean that you will limit the information that is essential to the letter. Stop beating around the bush and make it direct on point. Only share the important details and avoid writing what is written in your resume.

5. Request for a Response

In the last part of your letter, it will be better to request a response. Even though we are eager to get hired, avoid rushing the hiring manager. Do not rush them but make them feel obligated to give you a response. Use polite statements like 'You can call me at your most convenient time' or 'Contact me at any time of the day'. If you still haven't heard anything from them after a couple of weeks, you can send them a letter to follow up. According to Glassdoor, even you still didn't get a response after the follow-up, it doesn't mean that you have wasted your time. Writing a letter of intent will improve your writing skills and will make you first in line with the recruiters.

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