Requesting for something is not always done verbally. In a professional, especially in a business setting, one must undergo the process. Either you are aiming for an employment or job application, or for business transactions, one must write a letter of intent. If you wish to have one, download now on our trove of free ready-made Intent Letter Templates. The content follows the formatting standards. It is available and editable in different file formats, including Apple Pages. These are printable in A4 and US sizes. Download now our high-quality products and avail our subscription plan to use our premium templates.

How to Write an Intent Letter in Apple Pages

An article in Glassdoor states that one of the habits that an employee must do to have the chance of promotion is to document his success. It means to record what you have achieved and contributed to the betterment of the company. It will tell your manager that you are appropriate for a higher and bigger job. And this must appear in your letter of intent. We will share with you some tips on how to create a comprehensive and professional letter of intent. Read below:

1. Make Necessary Preparations

Before you start making your intent letter, it is better to make preparations first. Do research on the company or the institution's background. If you're applying for graduate school, then it is a must to know the university's information. Know their mission, vision, and even the courses offered. With this, you get to know who you are writing.

2. Identify the Purpose of Your Letter

A letter of intent can serve a variety of purposes. You can write one in applying for a job position, for a promotion request, or a business agreement. Knowing the intention of your sample letter enables you to write the appropriate message.

3. Write the Message

This section is the meat of your document. It is where the reader will direct his attention. Begin your message with an introduction that states the main purpose of why you are writing this letter. State your personal information. If you are writing for school admission, mention the name of the school that you attended last and your desired course. In the following paragraphs, specify the relevant awards and achievements that you have received. It is helpful to strengthen your credibility, especially if you are applying for promotion.

4. Be Straightforward and Concise

Reading a stockpile of application letters and resumes of the applicants is a tiring job for the hiring staff. As an applicant, you can help lessen their burden through your work. Stop beating around the bush and state your purpose directly and your message. Thus, giving them a short time to scan your documents.

5. Observe Proper Format

It is a protocol to follow the standard format in writing a professional letter. The formal type of letters follows the business-style format. Use an appropriate font in composing your letter. Most of them use Times New Roman or Arial font. Review your work for mistakes on grammar, punctuation, and spacing. A well-formatted letter will impress the reader and will have a higher chance of being accepted.

6. Add a Call-to-Action

Conclude your letter by requesting a response. You can do this by writing the statements, "You can call me at your most convenient time.", or "I am hoping to have a follow-up interview." Don't forget to add the means on how the hiring manager will contact you. Write your contact information or your email address. Remember to be courteous and polite in doing this. Lastly, thank them for reading and accepting your letter.

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