Do you want to experience an easy delivery of your application to a hiring manager, even if there are no unique opportunities in your field? Then create an effective intent letter to offer a chance for the manager in seeing the importance and involvement in their business, and could allow the company to determine if the business has a need or a position that you can occupy. Immediately use and edit our sample Intent Letter Template in MS Word that already contains suggestive content and a beautifully-designed layout. Customize it using any of your available electronic devices to meet your needs. Plus, our template is made available in A4 and US paper sizes. Click the download button and get ready to experience a time-saving template!

How to Make an Intent Letter In MS Word

An intent letter for a profession is sent along with your resume. That's the opportunity to make a favorable impression with your prospective hiring manager. Thus, it should be properly written to catch the audience's attention. Whether looking for employment, acquiring entry to an educational institution, or finding collaboration in the industry, a letter of intent is typically required. According to, you must compose it very well and clearly to indicate what you need or find. Typically, intent letters are used as a way to introduce yourself and to bring out that personal stake in the request of one.

If planning to create one, then below are the simple steps to follow.

1. Examine the Instructions

Any requests, contracts, purchase agreements, plans, job applications, proposals, or other practices that entail an intent letter will have clear guidelines in that letter about what details will be provided. Study those directives before you start writing the document. You can click on the link of the company or the university. It must specify all specifications appropriately. Just a tip: If you can't find what you're searching for, contact them by telephone.

2. Incorporate a Subject Line

When you wanted to send your document in an electronic form, make sure to provide a descriptive subject heading that describes why you're sending an email. When you plan to apply to a specific position, provide your name and the job position. When you agree to send the document by email, you also don't need to provide any contact details or the date. Alternatively, the email header contains your contact details.

3. Conduct an Analysis of the Company

Before publishing the letter, be careful, and study the business to get a picture of the environment, objective, and requirements of the business. You will have to illustrate how you'd contribute significance to the business, and what you can do if you learn what the industry is searching for.

4. Avoid Reusing your Resume

Don't just cut and paste your curriculum vitae. Alternatively, select and emphasize the greatest qualifications. Your purpose is to show the manager your most exceptional accomplishments so that they will be encouraged to review your curriculum vitae and not to give a complete professional background.

5. Use Bullet Points

A suitable layout technique for your intent letter is to incorporate a bullet point part that outlines your qualifications and experience. The bullets on the website will make the credentials pop, capturing attention instantly to the knowledge and skills that you deliver. In addition, thorough use of bold type can also be helpful to entice any employers.

6. Edit your Document

Take the time to review your sample letter extensively for mistakes in spelling, vocabulary, and layout. Try asking a friend to read it before you send it. Your document requires you to be serious and professional.

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