An internship is a crucial step in a student or trainee’s career development, providing them with valuable work experience. So, if you’re looking to provide such opportunities, go ahead and download our Internship Job Description Templates. Quickly outline position details in IT support, interior design, architecture, and more. Our samples are highly versatile, compatible with several different applications (including Mac Pages). Hurry and download while you can—expedite your intern recruitment by customizing our easily editable documents!

How to Write an Intern Job Description

In an article from Indeed (a career-focused resource), they point out that a well-written job description is important to a recruitment process. Not only does it provide detailed information about a given position, but it also ensures you attract the most qualified applicants.

Whether it’s for a business analyst, communications engineer, or multimedia editor, you need to set up a proper job description for an intern position. If you’re wondering how to draft one, feel free to read our tips below.

1. Start with the Layout and Title

Begin writing your intern job description by setting up the document’s page size. Depending on your region’s standard, go with either A4 or US letter size. Additionally, apply 1-inch margins along the borders.

For the title, enter something simple yet descriptive. For example, write down something similar toGraphic Design Intern.”

2. Introduce Your Company and Intern Position

In an introductory paragraph, entice potential candidates by mentioning some interesting details about your company. Next, in a new paragraph, provide a summary of the given internship job and how it can help applicants with their career paths.

3. Your Internship’s Tasks and Compensation

This is the most essential section of your intern job description. First, create a bulleted or numbered list containing all the various tasks and responsibilities of your internship position, giving each item a short description. Then, put together another list for your intern’s salary and other benefits.

4. Qualification Requirements and Application Process

Set up a third list (similar to the previous ones) for the internship program’s requirements—education level, skills, etc. Finally, provide instructions for the application process and contact options for applicants to reach you through.

Now you can effectively outline all of your internship’s different details! Finally, consider using our Intern Job Description Templates if you need 100% customizable samples for your document design.

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