How to Make an International Day Greeting Card in PSD

Although there are a lot of nations in the world, people can't deny the fact there are events and causes which they share. That's why to remind different countries of these things, the United Nations labeled some dates that people will observe. The UN website says that they see these celebrations as great tools for different advocacies. The celebration for these things don't only open our eyes, but it also strengthens our bonds. Also, in your own little ways, you can share your thoughts with someone about a specific International Day celebration through simple greeting cards.

If you want to make one, here are some easy tips that you can follow:

1. Highlight the Title of the Event

Nothing is more important than keeping the name of the event highlighted. Whether it's International Men's Day, International Day of Peace, or International Friendship Day, you have to feature it on your simple card. Choose legible typography. Then, you have to make it bigger than any of the texts of the card. You have to make the name of the event is in boldface to make it clearer. Also, don't forget to put the date of the event on the card. If you did these things, your recipient would direct their eyes to the event. Then, they will know what the celebration is about.

2. Fit the Designs to the Event

Aside from the highlighted name of the event, the designs on the card can also represent the event. Always make sure that the designs, colors, and images that you put connect to the celebration. This way, there's unity and harmony on your sample greeting card. These things communicate with your recipient. For instance, you can put rose petals for an International Women's Day greeting card because most people associate women with flowers. If you put something that doesn't symbolize the event, you can mislead the reader of your card.

3. Prepare Your Message

As one of the essential things on your creative card, you have to write your message. Anyone can make their recipients happy with messages. You can use modern popular quotes or sayings that relate to the celebration. Also, you can make your own message and put it on the card. Always make sure that the typography that you use for your message is readable. The same goes for the color and the size of the message. Always prioritize your recipient.

4. Make It Interesting to Look at

An editable card becomes more engaging when it's beautiful and flattering to the eyes. Always make sure that the design of your cards will not lose the interest of your recipient. To do this, you have to pair the colors with shades that match them. Also, you have to align the contents properly. This way, your card will look beautiful.

5. Grab a Template

You can quicken your work by downloading a template. Choose from the printable greeting cards above and download one of these PSD files. After that, you can edit it in Adobe Photoshop. Lastly, you can print your card and give it proudly to your recipient. This can make them smile and happy.

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