An inventory spreadsheet is a tool used by companies to track the stock and materials. This will ensure that the company has sufficient supply when the need arises. Furthermore, an inventory spreadsheet also prevents inventory understocking and overstocking. You may track retail inventory, home inventory, computer inventory, equipment inventory, etc.

Poor inventory management can affect the business operations immensely. You either end up reordering existing inventory or selling non-existent inventory. The first step to managing an inventory is to use an inventory spreadsheet. provides editable inventory spreadsheets that you can use for your inventory management. This website also has an editor tool, which allows you to edit the template immediately. But file formats such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, and many more are available if you do not wish to edit through the editor tool. The website may ask you to sign up for a membership before you can download it so you can have access to thousands of other printable templates.

Another adverse effect of poor inventory management is shipping the wrong items or materials to the customers. This will produce negative reviews and will be bad for business.

According to Flexis, one-third of businesses have not met a shipment deadline because they sold an item that was not in stock. This will be difficult to manage customer expectations since you are not in control of what’s in stock and what’s not. In addition, retail businesses are 63% accurate of the time. This is also caused by the poor logistics or inventory management of the company.

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