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How to Create an Invitation Letter in Word

The United States Postal Service delivers an average of 19.7 million mail pieces per hour—you can only imagine how many of these are business letters and personal letters. Letters continue to be a significant part of our daily lives. And despite how common it is to send your invites through casual text messaging and virtual chat, nothing will compare to the warmth and formality brought by invitation letters. So if you're having trouble writing your letter, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Use Appropriate Language

The appropriate tone and language to use in your letter will depend on the nature of the occasion. A job letter inviting an applicant to an interview, for instance, must possess a professional tone and structure. It's essential to determine how you approach your recipient before you begin writing.

2. Include All the Essential Details

Unlike invitation cards, letters tend to be more detailed in content. Apart from the specifics of the event, the letter may also include special instructions regarding gift ideas, accommodation, venue parking, or RSVP. Be sure to indicate these things clearly in your invitation.

3. Be Polite and Positive

It's easy to sound positive in a friendly letter, but not so much for events that tackle a more serious subject. Receiving a letter from the embassy regarding your visa can mean good or bad news. If you're the person behind the letter, you'll want to ease the mind of your reader by keeping the tone light yet professional.

4. Always Review the Letter before Sending

Never miss the opportunity to review your letter for any errors and lapses. It could be missing a couple of event details that the guests or attendees would want to know about, so to spare everyone from the burden of follow-ups, always remember to proofread your letter.

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