How to Create a Baby Invitation using Adobe InDesign

According to UN news—experts predict that on the first day of 2019, there are over 395,000 babies to be born worldwide, how much more for the following year? Sooner or later, there will be parties for baby showers, first birthdays, baptismal ceremonies, and other baby-related occasions to happen in the late months of the year. For you to prepare your upcoming event, you must plan it early from food, party decorations, and of course, the invitations. Invitations are your way to let your potential guests know about your event. If you are in search of great ideas on how to design a party invitation, then try reading the following tips and steps on how.

1. Plan a Concept

The first thing you should figure out is the concept of your event. Are you doing a baby shower or a gender revealing ceremony? Disney or Marvel themed birthday parties? Usually, invitation cards adopt the same designs as the theme of the event. Invitation cards are your way of informing your guests on what kind of event you are going to hold. Coming up with a concept will also help you plan out the decoration of the venue.

2. Pick an Invitation Template

Designing invitations from scratch would take a lot of your time. If you are busy with other event preparations, you can always use ready-made templates in creating your invitation letters. These editable templates will provide you enough designs you need for an invitation card. It comes in different styles from simple and unique, to modern and elegant. All invitation templates are customizable to match your preferences.

3. Edit using Adobe InDesign

Choose Adobe InDesign as your invitation maker. This editing program provides you simple tools and elements to help you create the ideal invitation cards you opt to have. The software is compatible with any device you have, making it more convenient for you to add images, graphics, and illustrations to your invitations.

4. Fill in the Details Needed

Just like event flyers, baby invitations need the exact details about the event to guide your guests accordingly. The vital information required includes the name of the celebrant, the precise schedule of the party, and the venue.

If you have your printable templates downloaded, you can open them using InDesign. Start with replacing the details into your specified ones, and start adjusting the layout. Modify texts, and fonts to emphasize the information you want your guests to remember. For example, italicizing the font for the schedule and location of the party will catch your audience's attention. Also, having large fonts applied in the name of the celebrant to emphasize whose party you are celebrating.

5. Share your Invitations

After finalizing your content and designs, you can proceed to print. Having your invitations on a high-quality paper makes it look more presentable. Placing them inside a designed envelope will help you maintain its quality while you send them to your guests. You can also share your invitation cards online via email. Send your invitations and assist your guests to save the date of your event!

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