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How To Make A Birthday Invitation In Adobe Illustrator?

Birthdays are the most-awaited celebration for everyone! It is the special day wherein it will be all about the celebrant. An effective plan outline for the celebration would involve the usage of birthday invitations. With that, making an elegant and royal birthday invitation must be done with ease. If you probably do not have the budget to hire a professional to design one for you, do not worry! Well, you will get there but in the meantime, here are five user-friendly steps you can follow in making the most extravagant birthday invitation ever!

1. Launch Your Adobe Illustrator

As personalizing your birthday invitation, you will need a competent and editing tool as well. Without being said, Adobe Illustrator is the perfect editing tool for beginners or even amateurs. They provide one-of-a-kind features that only the Illustrator offers. They are also user-friendly and convenient that you can access it anytime and anywhere on any device.

2. Choose Party-Like Color Schemes

Birthdays must be lively and so as the birthday invitations! Together with a birthday greeting card, choose cheerful color schemes such as rainbow sprinkles. For vibrant color schemes, use colors that contrast with each other. For reference, you can look to the color wheel, or you can refer to Adobe Illustrator's color choices. Incorporate that pure joy to your invitation to spread the happy virus to everyone.

3. Combine Funky Font Styles

Everything about your birthday invitation must be lively and must make use of font style combinations that are perfect for a birthday party! Think outside the box and do not limit yourself. Mix and match different fonts to come up with a suitable font. But if you are not accustomed to doing this, you can choose a font for the header, subheader, and the body. Make it harmonious so it would look fun but professional.

4. Formulate An Eye-Grabbing Header

The first thing that your guests would look is the header of your birthday invitation. Just like a letter of intent, your header must establish the event's intention. A simple way to make it striking is to use a bold photo or a funky pattern. For example, if you are making a 50th birthday invitation, you can make use of gold-related object images as 50 years is considered as the golden age. But remember—make your header relatable to your theme.

5. Include An RSVP Statement

Répondez s'il vous plaît (RSVP) is a statement that you need to indicate in your birthday invitation. It usually includes your contact details such as your contact number or your active email address. It lets you give ways for your guests to confirm or deny their arrival at your birthday ceremony. It would also be an advantage to your guests as they can immediately contact you if they want to ask questions about the event such as what appropriate gift to bring and such.

6. Download Birthday Invitation Templates

For the quickest and most convenient way of making your birthday invitation, you can download online birthday invitation templates here at You can fully customize our preformatted templates without a sweat. It is also compatible with any Adobe Illustrator versions in all devices readily available to you. We also offer other invitation templates that you can edit in your Illustrator such as graduation invitation, housewarming invitation, picnic invitation, and many more.

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