Chalkboard Invitations Illustrator Templates

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How To Make A Chalkboard Invitation In Adobe Illustrator?

A chalkboard design is an accustom when it comes to invitations. If you want to settle with being minimalist for your simple invitation but not dull, then chalkboard design is the best for you. It is a versatile and absorbable design as it can be used in any event such as sports day, first birthday party, graduation day, or even a simple dinner. To start making yours, here are simple tips you can follow in making personal or business chalkboard invitation.

1. Plan On Your Background

Before anything else, you need to decide on the surface of your invitation, which is the background. To achieve a chalkboard invitation, you need to use a blackboard as your main chalkboard background. It is usually dark in colors such as black or green and is often utilized to write using chalk. After deciding the main background of your invitation, you can now start formulating your context.

2. Use Design Elements Suitable For Your Theme

With a chalkboard as your background, then you can now determine the theme of your invitation. Remember that you are making an invitation to encourage your guests to attend your event, so make sure that your design elements are appealing and relatable. You need to use fonts that look like writing in a chalkboard accompanied by the standard white-colored chalk. With that, you need to make sure that there is a balance between your theme and the design elements you insert. As an illustration, If you want to make a debut invitation, then the floral design is a preferable design element. It translates that the celebrant is like a flower blooming and on her prime.

3. Include The Event Details

To make a harmonious relationship with your design elements, you need to make sure that your content also screams for the event information. Write the event's name, location, timeline, and RSVP. If there are special guests of honors for the event, you need to include their names. Also, to have that sense of urgency, you can include save the dates statements. The format of your context must be fitting for an invitation. You can make use of the inverted triangle method of presenting your context. From the main idea (header) down to its supporting details (RSVP).

4. Utilize Our Chalkboard Invitation Templates

With our 100% customizable templates, you can make a chalkboard invitation as easy as it can be. Our templates include high-quality images with original artworks and fonts perfect for your invitation! It is also organized with layers and layer groups, so you do not need to worry about formatting your chalkboard invitation. Also to offer you the best, our templates use CYMK color to produce a bleed result. For your convenience, we provide other invitation templates for your every day needs such as basketball game invitation, retirement party invitation, farewell party invitation, and more.