How to Create a Debut Invitation Cards in Apple Pages

There are five important birthday celebrations in the U.S. And celebrating the 18th birthday in American society is undoubtedly the most significant. At such an age, a teen is officially an adult. More obligations and responsibilities, including the duty to vote in local, state, and national elections.

Many families mark that special birthdate with a celebration. If you are an event organizer, creating an invitation card is a bit crucial and fun part of the event planning process. With the help of the useful and easy-to-follow tips provided below, you can learn to make a compelling and well-designed 18th birthday invitation card.

1. Select a Design Theme or Motif

What is the theme of the 18th birthday party? Is it a boho, pastel, formal, or floral debut party? Choosing a particular birthday party idea or theme will help you start the process of designing your birthday invitation. It will give you ideas on what other elements you might include. Just make sure that the theme reflects the overall concept of the celebration.

2. Pick a Card Dimension

Before you start designing your birthday invitation template, pick the size first. Your invitation card size depends on the length of your content. To be specific, you may use the standard card dimension. Most invitation cards follow the 5 x 7 inches printing size.

3. Craft a Design in Advance

If you are the event organizer or a celebrant who wants to create an invitation card, you might want to conceptualize the design in advance. Knowing that it really takes time to design, set a particular date before the celebration commences. It is important to carefully plan and think about the elements like the layout, graphics, typography, color schemes, and the like that will be included in your birthday invitation card.

4. Understand Color Theory

Color theory is one of the essential factors of design. In designing your event invitation card, take into consideration how you will make use of the color. Do not put too many different colors. It would be hard for you to manage if you incorporate too many. Try to have only three colors in your design. A triad color scheme can be a good choice for beginners. It would be a good starting point that is sufficient to create variation and visual interest. If you are conscious about color, your design will look way better.

5. Download a Debut Invitation Template

Having a difficult time conceptualizing your own birthday invitation card? Well, you may choose from the sample invitation templates on this site. Look for a suitable one that fits your preferences and download immediately. You may do the editing using Apple Pages. It is an easy-to-use application that enables you to start a blank document or with predesigned templates.

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