How to Make Elegant Invitations in InDesign

Make modern invitations with a touch of elegance by going through our instructions below. In just a matter of steps, you're guaranteed to pull one off without even breaking a sweat.

1. Determine How Many Invitations to Make

When making party or event invitations, the very first thing that you will need to do is determine how many copies to produce by considering the number of guests to be invited. The best way to determine the number of people is by creating a guest list, and while some people may reject the invitation, you will at least come up with a reliable estimation.

2. Decide on a Theme for your Invitations

Events have their own theme and so does the invitation cards. Even though you already know that you're trying to pull off an elegant look for your invitations, you still need to decide on a theme that matches the party or event. The elements in a theme include but are not limited to the choice of font and its corresponding color, the background of the design, and the tone of voice for the personalized message.

3. Write Down the Details of the Event

To help you in organizing the details to be included in a party invitation, it is best that you prepare them by writing it down as a list. This will enable you to distinguish the details that need to be conveyed from those that are not needed but are just as relevant. Also, preparing a list of these details can help minimize the risks of leaving out very important details.

4. Sketch a Basic Design or Layout

Since you've already come up with a theme for your invitations, you should create a sketch of the initial layout using a pencil and paper. If necessary, you can also write notes on the paper to help remind you of specific features that can not be shown through a sketch. By doing this, you'll have a good reference when you start creating the actual design of your invitation cards with Adobe InDesign.

5. Start Making your Invitation in InDesign

To continue the previous step, you can start making DIY elegant invitations in InDesign after you've built the initial design. Since Adobe InDesign is a powerful yet user-friendly publishing and typesetting tool, it is the perfect software for creating impressive invitation letters and cards for both formal and informal occasions. Simply open InDesign, create a blank project, and then make your invitation while referring to your sketch.

6. Finalize the Design and Content

Before you proceed to print your elegant invitations, go over the design and content or have another person do it with you. Check whether the design is too dull and needs to be more classy or if it's too fancy and needs to be toned down. For the content, it also needs to be checked especially for the date, time, and the street address of the venue.

7. Print and Send your Elegant Invitations

The last step in the process of making formal invitations is producing copies of it that's enough for the number of guests to be invited. Going back to the first step, having a guest list can help determine how many people are coming as well as how many copies of the invitation are needed. And once you've printed the appropriate number of invitations, you can start sending them to their corresponding recipients.

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