Organizing an event is an arduous job because there are many things to consider to make it successful. An event wouldn't be successful without guests arriving. It is part of an event organizer's duty to create and send an invitation to invitees. Are you having a hard time making an invitation? If you are, we have the perfect tools that can make your job easier. We offer professionally made and 100% customizable event invitation templates that are fully compatible in all versions of Adobe InDesign. Whether it is a party or a formal gathering, these high-quality templates are perfect for all kinds of events. Make haste! Get a copy of our editable and printable event invitation by hitting the download button!

How To Make An Event Invitation In Adobe InDesign?

An invitation is a formal request sent to someone to be present and participate in an event. Traditionally, invitations are done through word of mouth or the distribution of printed invitation letters and cards. However, people who are working in the event industry are now taking advantage of the Internet. Aside from the fact that it is paperless, sending invitations online through social platforms such as email are way faster compared to the traditional way.

Here are a few guidelines that you can follow in creating an event invitation.

1. Gather All Necessary Information

Every journey has to start with a goal and a purpose. A sailor who sails the ship without a goal and purpose might get lost in the vastness of the ocean. The same with making an invitation, you have to make sure that you gather all the necessary information needed to ease the process. Collecting the required data allows you to be spontaneous in placing the information in the invitation. You have to know what type of event your company is hosting, whether it is a conference, a fundraiser event, or any other corporate event. You also have to take note of the date, time, and venue of the event since they play a significant part in inviting. By following the given instructions, you are less likely to encounter a problem in creating your invitation.

2. Write An Invitation Note

An invitation card or electronic invitation should answer the "what, where, and when" questions about the event; however, it should not be written in a plain tone. As much as possible, you have to write it with some personality, but professionally. Be as welcoming as you can be in writing the invitation note by addressing the invitee correctly. Also, you have to inform the invitees whether they are allowed to bring a companion or not. Moreover, do not forget to request your invitee's “répondez s’il vous plaît" (RSVP) using an email address, an enclosed card, or through phone depending on your preference. Lastly, you have to sign off politely wherein your closing line and signature should be specifically catered to your receiver.

3. Decorate

"Knowledge is the key," they said. Knowing what kind of event you are going to host allows you to establish an excellent theme for your invitation card. Before choosing a design, you have to consider first the theme of your event. The same with incorporating graphic images since they make your invitation more attractive. You have to be wise in choosing the colors since they are inviting elements that communicate emotion. You can utilize Adobe InDesign since it is the perfect software application for arranging elements and making multi-page documents, such as business cards, brochures, and catalogs.

4. Use An Appropriate Typeface

As the vibrancy of the combined colors can make the document catchy at first sight, typefaces also have a huge role in delivering the message and the theme of the document. Do not use any font that you like; instead, always consider the type of event and its theme. Invitations, such as those in corporate meetings and national and international conferences, should use formal typefaces since these are formal events.

5. Proofread And Print

Before you decide to print your event invitation, do have some time to proofread it. It would be a shame to your part to distribute a document that has glaring mistakes, so you better be keen all the time. Once you're finally sure that it is error-free, you can now print it. In printing, we suggest that you use high-quality papers such as those that are scented because they can increase the print's impact.

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