Just because meetings entail a serious business, it doesn't mean that you have to settle with mediocre invitations. You have the freedom to make creative invitations that will still remain relevant to your goal. If you are about to conduct an annual general meeting or an official meeting, download one of our professionally designed meeting invitation templates. Here in template.net, we assure you that our templates are 100% customizable, printable, and high-quality, which will make your invitation making process a whole lot easier. Plus, you can easily edit these templates in all versions of Microsoft Word. Hurry! Download a template for free!

How to Create a Meeting Invitation in Microsoft Word?

Conducting a meeting bears a great significance in an association, organization, business, or company. It helps the employees and stakeholders be aware of the status quo of a particular business entity or group they belong to. Moreover, a company meeting provides a room for discussion about the urgent matters within the company. Most companies conduct meetings on a regular basis to improve communication and to come up with a collective decision making when necessary. Even with the development of technology wherein the people in the higher ranks can just email announcements and crucial matters that need ironing out, nothing beats personal interaction. It helps a team brainstorm ideas to reach a common decision. However, you should bear in mind that before conducting a meeting, everyone who are involved knows about it. It is when meeting invitations comes in handy. Create a professionally designed invitation card by following the steps provided below.

1. Know the Availability of Your Team

Before you plan to conduct an official meeting, seminar, workshop, or conference, you first need to know the availability of the ones who will attend the said meeting. Know the schedule of your staff, employees, or colleagues to ensure that everyone will be present. Moreover, it is also essential that you thoroughly plan out the agenda of the meeting for it to flow smoothly.

2. Create an Invitation in Microsoft Word

After you have finalized the time and date of the meeting, start creating an invitation card or letter in Microsoft Word. Although it is a word processing program, it has some tools you can make use of to insert designs and other graphic elements. Alternatively, you may download our ready-made meeting invitation templates that are available in several file formats, including Microsoft Word.

3. Include Basic Details

In creating your invitation, start with the basic details. Just like a usual invitation card, it should reflect essential information such as organization or company which holds the meeting, name of the gathering, venue, time, and date. You also have to make sure that you are using an appropriate wording for the invitation. Moreover, it is also essential to include an RSVP for you to know the attendance beforehand.

4. Be Creative in Your Layout

Although it is a formal invitation sent out to professional individuals, you should see to it that your invitation card has a touch of creativity to it. Make it look simple yet aesthetically pleasing. You may add a solid border, background designs, or other artworks. Moreover, make sure that even with the presence of colors and other designs, the information written on the document is still legible.

5. Print

Finalize your design, proofread the content, and print it on a high-quality card stock. Lastly, distribute the invitation to the attendees and see to it that the message reaches everyone. During the duration of the meeting, there is a need to keep a record of the topics addressed. This written document is known as the minutes of the meeting. If you need help in writing this document, you may download our meeting minutes templates.

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