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What is a Professional Invitation?

A Professional Invitation is an invitation sent to colleagues in a company or friends for a formal affair. Some of these affairs include a corporate meeting, out-of-office lunch, fundraiser event, restaurant opening, grand opening, etc. These printable invitations are creatively designed to convince the recipients to attend and to suit the affair's theme or motif. It composes the purpose of the event, location, date, time, and attire. The invitation can either be sent in person or through an email. Professional requests do not have to be formal. Beautify it to lighten its vibe somehow.

Did you know that advertised church invitations are only 2% effective? Statistics show that 86% of successful church invitation cards come from a friend or relative. For your requests to be sufficient, it is wise to use word-of-mouth instead of investing in tangible advertising tools.

How to Create a Professional Invitation

Your invitation should possess certain elements to convince your recipients to attend. To craft a compelling professional call, you will need our suggestions below.

1. Send Your Invitations in Advance

Your recipients may have other commitments planned before the sending of your event invitation. Send your invite several weeks ahead so they can incorporate it into their schedules. If you are going to send this closer to the event's date, your recipients are less likely to attend your event. By submitting it in advance, you are giving them ample time to prepare the necessary preparations, if any.

2. Use Our Templates

For a time-saving creation of your professional invitation, download's Professional Invitation Templates. With its original artworks, fonts, and suggestive headings, you'll never have the arduous experience of creating invitation card templates from scratch. Plus, it's editable to suit your liking.

3. Incorporate Design

For a visual appeal, your professional invitation demands design. Your design, however, should be related to the theme of your event. Coordinate your colors well for it to be visually pleasing. To know which colors complement well with each other, use a color wheel for your reference. For an added boost to your invitation cards, make use of photos and graphics as well.

4. Add Typography

Add some elegant touch to your creative invitation card details by making use of decorative typography. When choosing what typography to use, select ones that are easy to read, and appropriate for the event's theme.

5. Don't Forget the Key Details

These are essential details, such as the date, time, location, purpose, and attire for the event. Do not confuse your recipients by providing misleading or lacking information. You will have difficulty in reaching out to them if you have placed incorrect info. Proofread the details before sending them.

6. Send to Your Recipients

Make sure you have a list of your recipients ready by the time you submit your invitations. Since it's a semi-formal or formal event, it is to be assumed that everyone has access to email. In this case, you can send your email invitations through for convenient and cost-effective distribution.

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