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How to Make a Rehearsal Invitation in Microsoft Word

Rehearsal Invitations are used to invite people when a soon-to-be-wed couple would plan out a last big event before the wedding day. A rehearsal dinner is a formal buffet dinner that is arranged after practicing the wedding ceremony and it is considered as one of the most celebratory of the pre-wedding events. Rehearsal events are usually done exclusively for family members and close friends. In limiting the guest, rehearsal invitations play a vital role only to inform those people who are obliged to attend.

Rehearsal invitations are almost the same as wedding invitations. They have elegant design elements, and they are crafted to make tangible pre-wedding announcements. With the help of Microsoft Word, you will be able to create a beautiful rehearsal invitation without spending a lot of money to hire a professional graphic designer. Here are the following steps on how to make a rehearsal invitation.

1. Make a Checklist

The first thing that you must do is to make a checklist for all the possible details that must be included in a simple invitation. The checklist will serve as your outline for you to build your invitation card. The features include the list of names of your target guests, your message, RSVP card, and your design elements. With the help of the checklist, you will be able to make your rehearsal invitation smoothly without any hassle.

2. Download a Rehearsal Invitation Template

The second thing that is suggested for you to do is to download a rehearsal invitation template for you to make things convenient. There are a lot of sample invitation templates all over the internet. For you to make your rehearsal invitation easier, choose a classy template that best suits the bridal motif of your party. Also, download a sample invitation template with a Microsoft Word format.

3. Customize the Downloaded Template

For the third step, open your Microsoft Word application to customize the downloaded template. Edit the template with creative and modern invitation designs that are visually appealing to look at. Incorporate the necessary content that you have made in the checklist from the first step. The essential contents include the reception, your personal message, date and time, and dress code.

4. Check Your Invitation Design

Before printing your invitation, you need to check your invitation design if there are some obvious errors that must be edited. Make sure that the designs did not overcrowd the invitation. Furthermore, check your contents for misspelled words and intricated details then revise them. Always remember that a formal invitation like this one must be accurate to avoid misleading the guests.

5. Distribute Your Rehearsal Invitation

Finally, the printable rehearsal invitation is now ready. Print the design in the best quality and make sure to print out extra copies of the invitation. To save the budget and effort, you can send your event invitation online, either through an e-mail or through social media accounts.

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