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How to Make RSVP Invitation Cards in Adobe Illustrator

R.S.V.P. is an initialism deriving from the French word "Réspondez s'il vous plaît," which means "Please respond" in English. Event organizers use RSVP to invite guests and respectfully request a reply from them with a limited timeframe. A timely response shows regards for the hosts and helps them know whether a guest will show up or not. People put importance in RSVPs in both formal and informal functions to assist them in doing headcounts for their events.

Most event hosts include RSVP cards together with the invitation. They are printed in a separate section of the invitation or another card where there are spaces meant for invitees to sign and pick a choice whether they would attend or not. In making an RSVP invitation card, it is advisable to observe simplicity and be straightforward with the message. Here are some tips you can follow when making an RSVP invitation card:

1. Organize Your Event and Specify Details

Before you proceed into creating your RSVP Cards, it is fundamental to plan your event first. You need to furnish your invitation with complete details to let your invitees know what event you are hosting. Further, this will also provide you a basis for your card's content and design. Be very specific about the particulars of the occasion (event, date, time, venue, or dress code, if applicable). If your invitee has a role in your event, like being a godfather for baptism, then you might want to indicate it in your card.

2. Create a Recipient List

Your RSVP invitation cards need recipients, that is why you need to create a list to track who is going to receive them. Create separate lists for family members, friends, and acquaintances. This method will aid you in finalizing your guest list and arrangements, including food and seating.

Take note though, that when you are making your recipient list, adjustments should be considered. If you are budget-constrained, it is advisable to limit your guests. It enables you to prepare within your allocated budget for food and other payables.

3. Food Selections are Irresistible

Food selections are one of the best ways to attract your invitee to attend the occasion. While most RSVP cards contain the generic blank spaces and checkboxes, some cards are made unique by including food selections for the guest. But, this is only possible when you have already finalized the menu for your event, thus, you need to discuss this agenda with your catering team.

4. Create Your Content Using Adobe Illustrator

With your event's program settled, you can start creating your content with the help of Adobe Illustrator. This editing software has a lot of unique features and designs specially made for cards. When making the card's design, it is better to stick to the event's theme or motif for consistency.

When doing an input for your card, make sure that all of the necessary details are there. An RSVP card should include the blank line for names starting with the M___, the "will attend" or "regrets only" options, choice of entrees (if you include food options), and the RSVP due date. You can also add a space where your recipient can write the reason why they can't attend or if they are bringing another guest with them.

5. Include Other Option for Giving RSVP

Your printed RSVP card can be sent back to you through mailing. But, open the choices for your guest to send you a reply through online email and text messages.

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