How to Make a Business Invoice In Google Docs

An article from Investopedia (a business-focused resource) points out that invoices are standard for both billing and bookkeeping. If your business provides services to clients and customers, make sure to incorporate professionally made invoices.

Whether it’s for a landscape company or party caterer, you can effectively make an invoice design in Google Docs. If you’re wondering how to get started, simply read our tips below.

1. Use Margins When Writing Your Invoice

Your invoice’s tidiness and readability are essential. While drafting your document, apply margins to make sure everything looks tidy for your clients when they read it. In Docs’ rulers (up above and to the left), click-drag the blue handles to adjust the margins’ format. Set the margins to 1 inch.

2. Provide a Title for Your Business Invoice

When your clients receive their invoices, they need to easily identify what type of document they’re reading. Because of this, you need to make your title basic yet descriptive. As you come up with a title, go with something similar to “Revonation Labor Invoice.” Don’t forget to write down the title in large bold text for readability.

3. Incorporate Grid Tables for the Payment Details

In an invoice, use grid tables to make the various payment details easy to follow (rendered hours, item quantities, subtotals, etc.). To add a table to your Docs page, go to Insert > Table and then hover your mouse cursor over the desired cell quantity and layout. Right-click and use the listed options to add or delete rows and columns To resize them, click-drag the borders within the table.

4. Edit Your Business Invoice’s Table

Edit your table’s generic cells to enhance your invoice’s readability and creative presentation. Select one or more cells and then use the options on the right of the formatting toolbar—font size, background color, and so on. Also, add your business’ logo by going to Insert > Image.

And those are our tips! You now have a better grasp on using Google Docs to create your printable business invoices!

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