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How To Create Business Invoices In Google Sheets

All businesses need an invoice. Why? An invoice will present the financial details about a business transaction. A business invoice has numerous usage like in record keeping, tax purposes, and marketing. Also, having an invoice is beneficial for you when the time comes when your business faces a problem. This will help you protect you from fraudulence and lawsuits because of the particulars found in the document.

Can you see how an invoice is a critical component of a company, a small business, or even for a freelance? Surely, you've come to a conclusion to have one yourself. If you aspire to have one, you can scroll up and download any of the business invoice templates above. Or, if you want to build one, here are some tips to help you build one:

1. Do A Research

Before anything else, do some research about what an invoice is and about your business. Get to know what your business offers because once you know the services, goods, and your business, you'll be able to identify if you truly need a business invoice, what format you're going to use, or what invoice you need. Is it going to be a service invoice? an accounting invoice? Or a sales invoice? Also, you'll be able to identify what to write on your business invoice.

2. Design Business Invoice In Google Sheets

Open Google Sheets on your laptop. As you can see, this program is a spreadsheet program. If you don't know, an invoice, no matter what kind it is, you'll find tables and blanks which functionally explain the transaction without the use of sentences. Create the layout of your invoice to appear professional. You can add a branding element to it like a company logo. You can also use your company colors as a color for your table so that it will look presentable.

3. Include Business Information

Never forget to write your complete business information. Your business information needs to include your company name, email address, contact number, and business. You can use your business information as a document letterhead. Your customer will be able to contact you immediately and directly if they have further questions regarding the billing, transaction, or business agreement. This will then improve the customer experience.

4. Provide Necessary Data

With the research you've done and designing your invoice, you can now provide the essential information. Information like the name and contact information of the customer is always found in invoices, even if it is a commercial invoice. Include information like the description of the services and goods, the cost of the items, and the total amount due. You can also write the date, invoice number, unique identifier, and payment terms. Try to review the invoice and save it afterward.

5. Produce And Start Using The Invoice

Once you've filled in the blanks and table with the information regarding the transaction and payment estimation, you can produce a copy or even copies of the invoice. Immediately use your business invoice with your next transaction and keep it for your inventory.

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