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What Is a Business Invoice?

A business invoice is a printed material consisting of a list of items sold by the business and the corresponding price for each item. The use of a business invoice is important since it is the most convenient way for clients to keep a record of their transactions with the company. In other words, this document enables people to keep track of the goods they've purchased, the date of purchase, and how much was spent.

How to Create a Business Invoice in Adobe Illustrator

Although a sales or business invoice is a reliable tool for keeping track of business transactions, it has its loopholes if the business and clients fail to actively comply with it. According to one study, 60% of invoices are paid late, but this shouldn't stop you from collecting payments from your clients. To help you in creating a business invoice that will encourage compliance, scroll down and go through our list of guidelines.

1. Keep Your Invoice Simple

An invoice should not be written in long sentences or paragraphs, all that's needed is a table to write all the details regarding the business transaction. Whether you're creating a sales invoice or an accounting invoice, always keep the content simple and straightforward to prevent any confusion.

2. Continue with the Details

Before proceeding to write the content of your business invoice, be sure to prepare the necessary details by writing them down in a simple list. To keep your clients from getting confused, specify whether the entry written in the invoice is a product or a service. Products typically indicate the quantity purchased while services indicate the date of rendering. Since business invoices are legal documents, both parties should agree to the conditions before making it official.

3. Check Amount Payable

In your business invoice, each product or service listed should have its corresponding price which is then totaled and written on the bottom part of the document. In cases wherein an invoice is required before the transaction, the business will have to issue an estimate invoice to provide the client with an idea on the possible costs.

4. Secure a Template has a lot of sample invoice templates that can be downloaded to save businesses a lot of time and effort. By using a template, you'll no longer have to start from scratch since they already come with a clear and customizable layout. After downloading a template, simply open it in Adobe Illustrator and start adding the content. If you're planning to add a letterhead to your invoice but don't have one yet, also has professional letterhead templates available.

5. Review the Invoice

Proofreading and revising is very important when creating sales documents, make sure to check your product or service invoice if it already has all the needed information. By reviewing the content, you're protecting your business from legal issues especially if certain aspects aren't very clear to the client.

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