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How To Create A Business Invoices In Apple Numbers?

An invoice (or sometimes called a billing statement) is a piece of a document issued by a business to establish a transaction between two parties. It may be a simple flyer or leaflet, but it is essential in any industry, especially for business. It will help you keep track of your pending product payment, credit note, debit note, account, and timekeeping. It would also greatly help to build a relationship between your clients that can be your regular. It may look like a complicated and risky task, but sure enough, with these basic steps, you will achieve business-standard business invoices.

1. Brand Your Invoice

It is one of the essential elements of your business invoice. In branding your invoice, you need to write your business name and include your business logo. It lets you establish your brand and would give a professional touch to your invoice. If you tend to be self-employed, you can include your address or office location (if applicable).

2. Add Contact Information

Also, add your complete contact information. Include your contact number, email address, or business website. It would be advantageous for you and the buyer as they can directly contact you in settling the payment agreement. They can directly contact you for questions about the invoice. It would be a good marketing strategy because if you provide an excellent service, they will likely refer you to their connections.

3. Make Your Invoice Unique

For security purposes of your business, make your invoice unique. It would be better to prevent fraud or fake invoices rather than make remedy out of it. Organize and track them more manageable with the use of unidentical sequential invoice numbers. It would also settle tax invoice problems so it will be a convenient move to make.

4. State The Payment Terms

There are payment terms that are commonly used for business invoices. Some of those are PIA (payment in advance), COD (cash on delivery), Net 30 (amount 30 days after the invoice issuance date), and more. Choose the most convenient payment terms for you and your client. Talk it out with your clients and ask for their opinion about your payment terms. In that way, the issuing of a customer invoice will be smooth. Pro tip—be mindful that some business might pay later than the due so buy an extra time to avoid gaps on cash flow.

5. Download Business Invoice Templates

If you do not have the time to start from scratch and would want a template, here at, we offer you business invoice templates. We guarantee you that our templates are 100% customizable, professionally-written and easily editable in Apple Numbers in any Mac devices.

6. Start Issuing Invoices

After these essential steps, you can now start issuing invoices to your clients. But before that, make sure to proofread everything about it. If you are satisfied, you can now send it to your clients through an email or through a handout.

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