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What Is a Business Invoice?

A business invoice is a breakdown of agreed rates or prices given to customers. Businesses give service invoices in business transactions, especially if a customer avails goods, products, or services. The other name for a business invoice is a bill or tab that includes payment terms. An invoice will also include the number of days when to pay the payment. An invoice is different from a receipt since sellers can give an invoice as a notice of payment rather than a proof of purchase.

How to Make an Invoice in Adobe Photoshop

In the 1980s, when the Internet is still in its infancy, up to this day, Photoshop has come a long way. Today, Photoshop became a verb aside from being used as a noun. Many in today's visuals were photoshopped, and that's how Adobe Photoshop maintained dominance in graphic editing software. You can't debate when someone says you can edit anything in Photoshop because it's true.

To make your documents in Photoshop is agreeable too. In doing so, you will need a guide. Hence, we made a list that will help you make a business invoice in Adobe Photoshop. We enlisted steps that are easy to follow because we want to make it easier. Stick to our list and begin the best invoice for your business.

1. Plan How Will You Attack the Task

Before anything else, make a plan on how you will execute your task. Making a list of the things that you need will help as well. Begin with your list, and it will be your guide as you complete the invoice.

2. Make a Draft for the Business Invoice

To start with the task, make a draft for the business invoice. Make sure that the draft is how you want the invoice to look like. It will be a temporary visual representation of the commercial invoice. An invoice contains a header, company information, date, invoice number, unique modifier, lists of goods or services, terms, itemized fees, the total amount due, and add-ons if there's any.

3. Launch Adobe Photoshop on Your Desktop

Open Adobe Photoshop on your desktop. Click on the icon and wait for the application to load entirely. Don't forget to start a new document. If you are an inexperienced Photoshop user, it is understandable that you'll find it hard to work on a new interface. If you are starting, learn from an expert or look for a tutorial on the Internet. Once you mastered the software, no editing task is challenging to handle.

4. Download a Business Invoice Template; Fill In the Template

If you want to make your task easier, use a business invoice template. There are many template sources you can find online. Make sure to get the template from a reliable source. Once you settled with an invoice template, start customizing it. Let's get back to the draft. Your draft will be the reference for your actual invoice. Make alterations if necessary. You can also customize the layout, format, and content since it's a feature covered by the template.

5. Make Everything Correct; Edit and Print

After modifying the template, read back your invoice. Look for misspelled words and incorrect information. You would not want a sloppily done invoice, thus proofread the document.

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