Tired of creating invoice documents from scratch? Well, we have the solution to your worries. Here in Template.Net, we give you a high-quality sample of Commercial Invoice Templates that you can download for free! Our templates are easily editable and can be downloaded in an instant. It is also fully customizable plus it can be opened in all versions of Google Docs. So, what are you waiting for? Download this template now and enjoy the benefits.

How to Create a Commercial Invoice In Google Docs

A commercial invoice is like a receipt but it is a customs document that must be displayed at the time of international shipping or trading. If products and equipment are imported from one country to another, a commercial invoice shall be shown as a part of the operation. In foreign trade, a commercial invoice is often used as a reference to be given on a global stage by the person or the corporation involved in the export of products. In this article, we created five steps below that you can follow so that you can generate an invoice for your corporation with the help of our pre-designed templates. Here are the following guidelines:

1. Identify the Content

The very first step in producing a commercial invoice is to identify the content that you want to include. To illustrate, if you are creating a commercial rental invoice for a hotel, then you must state or include in your invoice form the duration of the rental, the type of property being rented and other terms and conditions of the business transaction. The content of your invoice should complement the type of invoice you are creating and the type of commercial trade.

2. Plan the Layout of the Invoice

The next step is to plan an organized layout for your service invoice form. Take note that there is no standard format for invoices. Tables, checkboxes, or blank spaces can be used to indicate the distinct price of the purchase, packing list, amount, and description of the goods and/or services that you sell or provide.

3. Download an Invoice Template Online

If you want to make your assigned task much easier, then downloading a template here in our site is the best solution. Here in Template.Net, we give you different sort of invoice template that you can choose from and the good news is you can download it for free. Our templates also have a suggestive heading, text, image, design, and layout that you can use as a basis just in case you have no idea what to write about.

4. Edit/Improve The Template's Layout

If you downloaded one of our pre-made invoice templates here in our site, then it is time for you to edit it then replace with your business' preferred content. Edit or customize the template with the help of Google Docs. But why Google Docs? We highly recommend you to use this software for the reason that this is a very strong real-time collaboration and authoring tool for documentation. Multiple users of this software can simultaneously edit a document, produce text, slide, spreadsheet, drawing, and survey documents templates plus it is fully accessible on your PC or mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

5. Print the Invoices

You are now ready to print your business invoice templates after editing and saving your invoice layout. Select high-quality printing paper upon printing the invoice. And if you want to print hundreds of copies of these blank invoice templates for your business, you may want to go to your local print shop and hire someone to do the bulk printing for you.

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