How to Create Service Invoices in Pages?

Service invoices are the list of the services that you charge your clients or customers. These charges can be for cleaning services, for lawn services, or machinery services. You will need service invoices so that your clients will know what he or she is paying and how much it is. Here are simple steps that can help you:

1. Choose A Template

You have a lot of choices for your invoice templates. There are a lot of templates above that you can choose. Pick the format that you think will fit your service invoice. We have a construction service invoice template, a travel service invoice template, and a legal service invoice template that you may prefer and use. Aside from invoice templates, we also have contract templates, marketing templates, receipt templates, and retail templates that you may need for any future use. Moreover, after selecting a template, you can open Pages. This application can input, edit, and format texts, which is valid for making your service invoices. You can use this through your PC or your MacBook.

2. Know Who You Will Bill The Invoice To

It is essential to know the details about your client/s that you need to include in your business invoice. Get the name of your customer or a company you have provided services to. Know the address, contact information, and email address of the customer. By this, you will know who and where you can send the invoice to.

3. List Down The Services

Get all the services that you offered to your customers and clients on your invoice for the services made. When you write this, you have to include some short descriptions of the services. Next, you have to make a breakdown of costs for the services. This way, your customers will easily comprehend how much they will be paying for each offered service. Another thing, you have to include the number of hours you have made to work for the service. Then, include how much you are billing for each hour or service. Next, you have to include the additional payments your clients have to make if there are any. You will also have to include the tax rate that they need to pay. You need to lay this out neatly so that your customers will easily read and then understand.

4. Include Due Date

So that your customers or clients will know when they should be paying you, you have to include a due date. Mostly, upon receiving the invoice for services, customers should pay within 30 days. But you can decide when you will have to receive their payments. You have to make decisions wisely, or this may interrupt your cash flow.

5. Review Your Service Invoice

After inputting all the information on your service invoice, make sure that you will review it. Start with your company's details, then your client's details, and lastly, check the details on the body. The body includes the services and the payments needed. Make sure that everything is correct, and then you can send it to your client.

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