Accounting has always been a necessary process of trading and finance. Anything that involves a significant of money, like business expenses and other things that involve financials, has to undergo some accounting. It used to be a more tedious process, but with the rise of information technology, accounting can now be simplified. It is almost a perfect marriage. Accounting and IT are made for each other. Nowadays, it is common to use online accounting software to expedite the process and quick sharing of data. On our website, you can check out several ready-made IT and Software Accounting Templates that you can customize and download. These templates can help you to expedite your business transactions further. You are welcome to try them.

How to Prepare an IT/Software Accounting Template in Google Docs?

From sheets of paper to your desktop computer. Small businesses are now upgrading to digital, no more pile of papers. Business transactions can now be stored in hard drives, thanks to the advancements in information technology and software developments. Perform your accounting sheets by learning the tips that are written below.

1. Planning is the Begining

Indeed planning is the beginning, even with something as small as accounting sheets. Nonetheless, it is important. And to plan is to consider aspects of what needs to be done then think of efficient ways to do it.

2. Select a Spreadsheet Program

Accounting is gonna involve a lot of inputting data. Therefore a spreadsheet program is the most effective program for accounting because it gives you a lot of options that are very suitable for the task at hand. You can either use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets for this.

3. Input the Categories You Need for Accounting

Once you have opened your spreadsheet program, you can begin inputting your categories. Categories are for organizing the data that you will calculate. Whether it is financial statements or income statement

4. Input the Data

Once you have input your category in your spreadsheet, you can start filling the corresponding spreadsheet cells with the numbers. For example, the numbers you in your invoice and receipts. Be careful not to place the numbers in the wrong cell because it might cause an error in the calculation later.

5. Calculate

Once you have set up the categories and data, you can now perform the calculation. To calculate, you have to access the formula section of the spreadsheet program, depending on what calculation you have to do, you can select an appropriate formula for it.

6. Organize Your Results

After you have done your calculations, you can now organize the results. After organizing the results, prepare to present as a statement as a financial statement.

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