The competition is always close in software industries, especially with the booming of technology and the internet. Depending on your company's specialty, you need to have innovations to keep up with the market. If you're planning on developing a new mobile application, such as Software as a Service (SaaS) or a new type of cloud hosting service, then a business plan is what you need to reach your goal. Grab this opportunity to make one for yourself in no time with our ready-made IT and Software Business Plan Templates in Google Docs. Professionally written and 100% customizable, download a template now to get started!

How to Make an IT and Software Business Plan in Google Docs?

Creating a business plan has a significant impact on the performance of a company. For those who own or manage a software company, having a business plan will surely give them an edge against their competitors. This is because business plans help in grasping a closer view and a clearer understanding of where your Company is at the moment. According to Entrepreneur, it is highly recommended to focus on the executive summary, operational plan, market analysis, and financial projections to easily guide readers on the flow of the business plan. For more details on how to make one in Google Docs, simply read the guidelines below:

1. Research on a Topic You Wish to Present

Think about what your company can offer to your clients. Perhaps you specialize in software development and maintenance? Or maybe you provide service assets and configuration management to your clients. Write your purpose and objectives for making this document, and then evaluate how you can increase your sales using your business plan.

2. Indicate Your Company Profile

Build rapport with your clients by introducing your company. Describe your achievements from the previous years and indicate what you can offer to your target market. You can even add your company's history as well as the company's structure in this section. Then, state the mission and vision of your company.

3. Add Your Marketing Strategy

Discuss what your clients and investors should expect from your plan. In this section. Introduce how you can achieve your projects using your current financial situation and your marketing plan. Explain to them how you can surpass your competitors and indicate your target market. It is best if you can provide a timeline on how you will achieve your objectives as an assurance to the readers.

4. State Your Financial Summary

Lastly, clearly explain your financial statements to your clients and investors on how you can materialize your plan. Outline the contents of your balance sheet, income statement, cash flow reports, and shareholder's equity. Make sure that everything is accurate and free from any discrepancies.

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