How to Create an IT and Software Certificate in Illustrator?

An IT and software certificate is a document that is rewarded to a professional or organization upon their completion of a specific IT and software-related course, or upon meeting the industry’s product standards. Rishabh Software stated that an organization with technology industry certifications provides quality deliverables, as well as enhances its reputations and business development capabilities.

In making a certificate design for an IT and software organization or professional, you have to apply various disciplines and trends to make sure of its presentability. For you to learn how to complete your task efficiently, take advice on our list of guidelines and insights that we have prepared below.

1. Determine Your Purpose

First and foremost, identify whether you are certifying an organization’s product and service compliance or an individual who completed an IT and software training course. The two situations are completely different from each other. And, failure to properly determine can cause major confusion, not just to the awardee but also to the witnesses.

2. Gather Necessary Details

Details like title, presentation line, recipient name, provider name, description, the date given, and authority signature are the main components of certificates. Moreover, graphic elements, including border, logo, seal, and lines, must be prepared. Prepare them ahead for your convenience in taking the next steps on our list.

3. Obtain Awardees’ Names

Each certificate is specifically given to a professional or company. So, make sure to prepare their names.

4. Put Fitting Recognition Title

Appropriately instill a title beside each name of your list of awardees. Before finalizing the list, review them thoroughly to avoid interchanging them. Sheets will be a useful tool to separate your awardees' names while keeping them intact with their corresponding titles.

5. Structure and Design

Organize all the things you have prepared. After doing so, you can then start designing your certificate. For guidance, you can always refer to certificate templates available on our website.

6. Save, Produce, and Encase

Succeeding the finalization of your work’s design, always save a copy before anything else. After that, you can start printing your certificates using special papers. To make it more professional, you can laminate or put them in frames.

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