In this day and age, software development is an integral part of how modern societies grow and advance. Though, software engineering is considerably challenging to take on, as it’s an intellectually demanding study and profession. That’s why, when someone does overcome those hurdles, it’s important that you properly give them their due recognition. If you’re looking to streamline the certification procedures, then consider our easily editable IT and Software Certificate Templates! Put together a professional certificate with our 100% customizable samples for Apple Pages, printable in both A4 and US letter sizes. So, download now--congratulate the labor and achievements of software developers with our original templates!

How to Make an IT/Software Certificate in Apple Pages?

When someone passes their studies or work in software development and programming, they must have tangible proof of that--that’s where a certificate comes in. According to, certificates are documents specifically meant to prove someone’s achievement in a field or profession. So, a certificate is perfect when it comes to congratulating someone’s performance in their profession or study courses!

Need a little help with your certificates? Have a read through our tips (below) on how to use our templates in Apple Pages.

1. Customize With a Pleasing Color Scheme

So, first of all, boot up Apple Pages and open your template. Before drafting your certificate’s written content, start with making the aesthetics presentable. If you have a particular idea for your certificate’s color layout, then you should experiment a bit before settling on your template’s body and borders visuals.

Complimentary colors are key to making anything look good, so some knowledge of color theory can go a long way. You can easily find online resources about colors and tones that go well with each other or take suggestions from flyers or banners. For example, blue and orange tones are a commonly used combination in advertising.

One thing to always bear in mind is to keep a light/pastel tone for the certificate’s main body color and something dark for the text, which allows readability.

2. Style Your Font Accordingly

The look of your text should also be taken into account, so be sure to color it accordingly with the rest of the certificate. When it comes to picking font styles, remember to go with those that are still easy to read; go for a sleek look to theme your text’s visuals around computer software and such.

3. Draft Appropriate Text

When rewriting the placeholder text of your award, it’s important to keep the tone sounding professional while not going overboard with fancy wording. Keep the dialog simple and get right to the point for recognitions.

4. Review and Finalize

Never forget to review your work before finishing up; go over the whole certificate, making necessary adjustments/corrections to both the visuals and the dialog. Also, remember to insert a logo if needed and print it.

Present awards for achievements in software engineering and development with our Ready-Made IT/Software Certificate Templates!

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