How to Make an IT/Software Envelope in Illustrator?

Do you know where the modern paper envelope came from? As stated by the Daily Express, the origins of paper envelopes were invented by China during the 2nd century BC. However, with how old the history of envelopes is, it’s still a relevant packaging material for even software-focused companies.

To lend a hand in making your professional envelope, we’ve prepared a few comprehensive tips (below) on how to compose an envelope design in Adobe Illustrator!

1. Create the Letter’s Visual Design

When it comes to designing business-oriented envelopes, aesthetics tend to be on the minimal side. However, a little goes a long way; the sleek yet subtle visuals of a company envelope can speak volumes in professionalism to the recipient. So it’s a good idea to keep this information in mind when brainstorming the look of your envelope; consider taking advantage of a template as your base.

2. Arrange the Text Neatly

For your envelope’s written labels (like the company’s name, the address, contact info, etc.), be sure to maintain a margin between it and where the folded edges of your envelope will be. This information usually gets placed to the left side of the reader, but having it on the opposite side or even right in the middle is also viable.

Also, when choosing a font, go with a simple readable style in plain black.

3. Don’t Forget Your Logo!

Now, for the company logo, there’s not much to it. Like with the text, maintain some distance from the to-be edges; position either on the left, right, or middle section. Though, do remember to use a high-quality image!

4. Review and Do Test Prints

Never forget to review the written details in your envelope design; make corrections as needed! And do test printouts before actually using your new design. Show confidence in your brand with the help of our ready-made IT/Software Envelope Templates!

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