When sending company letters, forms, and other documents, you need to enclose it in an envelope for safety and security purposes. However, that is not the only reason why an IT or software company needs to create its own envelope. Envelopes also bear the name and branding of the company. So, to build a lasting impression, you need to make an artistic envelope with the help of our IT and Software Envelope Templates in InDesign Templates. These templates can easily be customized depending on your preference in just a few clicks. So, get started with your envelope creation now using our well-designed envelope templates!

How to Create an IT and Software Envelope in InDesign?

Just like letterheads and other company stationery, an envelope must be well-designed and must contain important information about the company. When creating an envelope, you must focus on both its visual presentation and functionality. Here are some things that you need to bear in mind when making an envelope.

1. Remember to Incorporate the Elements

Typically, an envelope must contain the details of the sender and the recipient. The sender details must include the company logo and name, business address, and contact information. On the other hand, the recipient information must consist of the name of the recipient, company, if applicable, and address of the recipient. Other elements may include envelope stamps, and labels

2. Work on the Design, Format, and Layout

While Adobe Indesign and MS Word are among the most commonly used applications in creating an envelope, you are free to choose any software that will help you create your desired envelope design. However, you need to make sure that they are organized and put in a proper format and layout. Commonly, the sender’s details are placed on the upper left corner of the document, while the recipient’s details are centered on the paper.

3. Carry Your Brand

Envelopes are not merely used to contain your company document. They are also used to boost your branding. The moment your recipient receives your letter, the first thing that will catch their attention is the envelope. If your envelope design is plain and boring, the recipient will not bother spending a second and immediately open the envelope to see the content. However, if the design catches the recipient’s interest just like a poster, he will surely pay attention to your excellent branding, which leads to a good and lasting impression.

4. Explore on Designing the Flaps and Interior

If you want to be unique with your envelope, you may try designing its flaps and interior as it is uncommon for envelopes to have designs on those areas. However, ensure that you have an envelope printer or envelope printing software available that could cater to that specific printing.

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