As an IT/Software company, it's important that you maintain an image and make a positive impression if you want to stay on top of the competition. Therefore, you must be keen to details. Meaning, even your business stationery, specifically your envelopes, should look great. Fret not! We offer a selection of professionally designed and high-quality IT and Software Envelope Templates. These are editable in Apple Pages on your Macbook Pro and other Mac devices and downloadable and printable in A4 and 9×4 inches+Bleed sizes. Use these so that your documents look presentable when you send them to your clients, prospects, or potential customers. Download a template now!

How to Make an IT/Software Envelope in Apple Pages?

According to an article in the New York Times, envelopes were first used in France. Perfumers made them for their scents, powders, and paste, which were highly popular back then. Today, envelopes are still used as packaging for documents and other flat, thin materials. And they serve as a significant marketing tool for companies.

The following are tips to help you create a well-designed envelope for your company in Apple Pages.

1. Keep the Design Minimal

When it comes to business envelopes, design elements are not necessary. You need to focus more on color and neatly arranging your text so that it looks aesthetically pleasing, professional-looking, and presentable. Check out our Printable Envelope Templates! Consider using this to enforce overall consistency, and so you don't have to make yours from scratch.

2. Use Your Company Colors

You want recipients to identify right away that the envelope they received is from your IT/Software company. To do that, use your company colors as your theme. You can also look for some suggestions from software flyers or posters.

3. Don't Forget Your Company Logo

Aside from your company name, address, contact details, etc., make sure you don't forget to add your company logo. It will serve as an official seal, promote your company, as well as let the recipients recognize who was trying to reach them. Put this on a location on your envelope that a person can easily spot. Make it big enough and observe proper spacing.

4. Invest in Quality Paper

Once you're done crafting your simple envelope, double-check to ensure that it doesn't have any errors or mistakes. Don't just print this on any paper; invest in quality printing and use a good quality paper to produce good quality envelopes.

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