How to Make an IT and Software Estimate in Microsoft Word

No matter how big or small a project is, you must come up with precise estimates to ensure you eliminate problems of costs in the middle of the project. But, estimating can be daunting and tedious, especially if you do not have enough knowledge about formulating them. To come up with a workable and effective IT and software estimate, you need to know some details before making one. But because we want to improve your productivity and make your life simpler, we created some tips below that you need to consider in making a budget estimate.

1. Know and Understand the Project Details

You wouldn't bid on a project when you don't even know the details of what potential customers want or need in the end. The same goes for cost estimates, especially in the field of IT and Software. It would be to difficult not knowing when the deadline is, the cost of the materials, or if days and employees are enough to continue with the different phases of the project.

2. Take Note of the Estimating Guidelines

It would be best if you took note that not all fast ways of estimating are the best choice. Unit cost estimating may be easier and faster; however, its accuracy is low. As you place a price for each unit, the variable specifics are dynamic, which would result in inaccuracy. Need to enhance your processes better? We have a useful checklist you can use! Identify each IT and Software project factors, sort them out, and put these in an organized list to follow.

3. Know the Numbers You Are Dealing With

Now, you need to know the range of numbers you are dealing with when estimating. Take into account the factors that your project needs— labor, materials, equipment, and others. When calculating labor costs, establish the workers' hourly rate first, then add other members for contingency. For IT and Software materials and equipment, you would need to create an evaluation that will reflect the cost of the materials and equipment.

4. Define Project Risks

Prevention is better than a cure, so expect that when computing for an IT and Software estimate, hiccups can occur. Define the project risks that can happen. Consider potential mishaps and gaps and factor them out. To do this, you can start by looking through the past projects relevant to your current project.

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