How to Create an IT and Software Letterhead in Illustrator?

As an IT and software developer or design company, you must create your name in the industry and establish your brand in all your business papers or documents. Hence, when sending a letter, you must work on your letterhead as it is the first thing that your recipient will see after opening the envelope. Not sure how to create one? Here are simple steps that you can follow.

1. Highlight Your Company Name and Logo

You must always remember that the essential part of your document—the header—shall bear your company logo and name. Hence, it would be best if the company name is in large fonts and the logo is in high resolution like you might use in a poster or brochure. Be consistent with your font, as this is also an important branding element.

2. Do Not Forget Your Business Details

Since company letterheads are not just for internal business documents, you must include your business details to provide information to the recipient regarding your company. The information that must be present in your letterhead includes, but not limited to, the following: business address, phone or mobile number, fax number, website, and email address. Other details that you may include are the location where your company is registered, the company registration number, and address/es of any other company branches.

3. Be Artistic Yet Professional

Yes, you may incorporate graphic design and patterns in your letterhead, but make sure that they are minimalist to maintain formality and professionalism in your business document. You may include simple designs related to your company, or you may place IT- or software prints. In this way, the recipient will quickly know what business industry you are into.

4. Try Incorporating Background Patterns

While it is typical to focus on the letterheads placed on top of your document, you might as well consider incorporating background patterns on your paper. You can use any design from your letterhead, but make sure that it does not hinder the readability of your document. It must be in the form of a watermark that serves as a branding and not the focus of your page.

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