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How to Create an IT/Software Letterhead in InDesign?

According to the U.S. Postal Service, about 187.8 million pieces of first-class mail (personal or business correspondence) are processed and delivered each day. Even in today's digital world, physical mail continues to be a significant part of our everyday lives. Hence, it's no wonder why many business professionals still recognize the value of letterheads. If you're a part of those who still do, the following guidelines might come in handy.

1. Remember Your Brand

Above anything else, check your brand. See if there are design parameters that may help you create a look and feel that's in line with the rest of your business. Keep in mind that brand personality is a big deal that you wouldn't want to ignore.

2. Find the Right Font

Good business letterheads need to be readable. You can choose the font used for other company stationeries like envelopes to remain consistent in branding, or you can try to be more creative by switching it up a little. Feel free to play around with fonts to find out what's suitable be it for your letterhead or your business poster.

3. Choose the Right Details

Like a business card, a letterhead should contain the necessary details to carry out its purpose. Apart from your office address and contact information, be sure to include the business name and logo of your IT or software company.

4. Don't Overdo It

Simplicity goes a long way in graphic design. Note that company letterheads aren't the main subject of your letters, as they are merely a promotional accessory to help emphasize your brand. Thus, you don't want to go overboard with your design, or you may end up distracting the letter's recipients from the actual content.

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