When it’s time for your company to start brainstorming ideas for a new software product, service, or project, then holding a meeting is in order. And, by the end of said meeting, a concise summary of what happened should be composed for people to review. If you’re looking to streamline this transcription process, then have a look at our Ready-Made IT and Software Meeting Minutes Templates! Takedown notes with ease by utilizing Google Docs and our professional, easily editable samples. Each template is 100% customizable for your convenience, printable in either A4 or US sizes. List down your meeting’s attendees, conclusions, etc. with our easy-to-use templates!

How to Make IT and Software Meeting Minutes in Google Docs?

As mentioned in a page from thebalancecareers.com, meeting minutes are a summary of information about a meeting that both attendees and absentees/non-attendees can review later on. To make it easier for you when taking notes about your IT team’s discussions, we’re here to provide you with our Ready-Made IT and Software Meeting Minutes Templates! Each handy design is simple to alter and compatible with Google Docs.

1. Decide on a Fitting Meeting Minutes Layout

We understand that different people, groups, companies, etc. work in varying ways, which is why we do our best to offer a diverse selection of designs with our meeting minutes templates. When downloading a template, it’s best to avoid hectic searching later by saving the file in a folder/location that’s easy for you to remember and access.

2. Open Google Docs and Get Busy

Once you have your chosen design template saved, run Google Docs, and feel free to customize the contents as needed. After that, always remember to doublecheck your work before finishing up, correcting any mistakes/type-o’s you might find.

3. Implement Other Helpful Material for Your Meetings

To make sure all to-be attendees are notified about the next meeting, it’s a good idea to incorporate the use of memos. And, when it’s time for a meeting to take place, a checklist is a useful tool for keeping track of agendas, attendance, and more.

4. Ready for Your Next Discussion

With your new meeting minutes set up and ready, it’s finally suitable to use for more sessions to come. Compose your transcriptions hassle-free with our IT and Software Meeting Minutes Templates!

General FAQs

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