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How to Create an IT and Software Plan in Google Docs?

Having a comprehensive project plan is essential to arrive at the results you desire to have. It is said that having clear communication between you and your members equals a successful output. Why? Because according to freeCodeCamp, defining your project's objectives, the roles of your members, as well as your workflow makes it more evident for them to execute the entire project. And If you're interested in creating a professional IT and software plan, feel free to read the steps below.

1. Launch and State Your Purpose and Goals

Create a file in Google Docs choosing a 'blank' document and introduce the purpose of your project. If you are testing new software for your client or designing a new mobile application, set your goals and objectives in developing your project. Then, create a roadmap on how you may achieve your plans.

2. Determine Project's Requirements and Risks

Next is to identify your project's requirements. Analyze your software's performance at every stage of your software development. Then, check all possible risks you may encounter during your project and develop approaches in answering each issue.

3. Provide Your Software Development Standards

Minimize uncertainties in your project's outcome by setting your standards. Your company project standards shall allow you to facilitate your project's development, guiding you to the output you hope to achieve by the end of the process.

4. Prepare Procedures and Methods in Testing Your Software

Set your procedures in developing and testing your software. Using a flowchart is recommendable in organizing your process to make it easier for you to communicate your plans to other team members. Lastly, make sure to choose the right applications and tools in testing your software.

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