When technology industries or organizations aim to promote something, whether it is an event, goods, new software applications, training, and so on, they will have to utilize a suitable advertisement medium to get their messages across. When it gets down to printing ads, posters are probably considered as one of the most significant collateral because of how convenient and cost-effective they can be made. To get you started, you can use any of our 100% customizable IT/Software Templates in Adobe InDesign for a less stressful poster presentation. Together with their easily editable designs and accessible features, our poster templates will serve each of our users the functionality in designing their posters. Why start from scratch when you can use a template and get things done in no time? Download now!

How to Create an IT/Software Poster in Adobe InDesign

Posters are one of the most practical and cost-effective types of valuable advertisements aside from promotion flyers. This type of advertisement collateral encourages you to distribute the message, in a straightforward, convenient, and economical way, to a broad audience much cheaper than media ads. According to the Statista survey, 59% of respondents said poster advertisement was more outstanding than publication advertisement, while 36% said that poster advertising was more efficient than media ads.

Here we have gathered simple guidelines on how to produce a poster layout by using specific graphic design tools. Read them carefully:

1. Make Your Posters Legible Even At a Distance

Business posters are designed to be accessible to a significant number of audiences, and you can create your text very comprehensible even at a distance to get everyone's interest. You don't only make the texts larger than usual, but you can always ensure the context or other components don't appear to mess around with the texts.

2. Observe Proper Content Organization

The content structure begins with the headline, which is also the essential text that functions to give the readers an overview of what the advertisement poster is all about. Offer additional details that respond to what, when, and where questions about the message of the poster. You can also start adding techy icon vectors, backgrounds, and any other technology-related design elements.

3. Have a High Contrast Level

If you want to have a black and white theme for your modern posters, then you can set your layout with a high contrast level. It has been proved that high contrast levels for your design elements will catch your audience's attention instantly.

4. Don't Be Overwhelmed with the Spaces

Having spaces may seem too dull, but placing a lot more space among the poster's components will help simplify and "breathe" the layout of your simple poster. You might also want to add some spaces between the characters in the texts, and margins or borders can also be applicable.

5. Add Call-To-Action

Although the sample poster design is intended to draw audiences, and the content is to provide them with the knowledge they need, then the CTA is to remind them of what they are going to do after reading material. In every marketing medium, CTAs get the audience in contact with your IT/software company.

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