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How to Design IT and Software Print Templates In Google Docs?

There are so many things to consider when you’re making print templates. The information on brochures, the picture size of your ID cards, and so much more. To help you out, here are some tips for you to consider before printing those templates.

1. Represent Your Brand

Print templates do not only function as important tools for your office uses but they also play a big role in the advertisement of your company to other businesses, potential customers, and possible partners. Find a way to creatively present your brand to them and it might just help you grow your business.

2. Make Strategic Decisions

If you think making print templates is easy, then you might be wrong. Since these tools have the potential to be an advantage or disadvantage to your company, you have to be strategic about making them. Our templates are designed by our professional graphic designers but you have the power to edit the colors or the texts. These edits need to be carefully planned, for example, how good would a color look at the current design.

3. Think About Viewing Distance

When designing templates like ID cards or flyers, you need to consider your audience’s viewing distance. How far do you want your audience to see the print of your flyers, or maybe the photo on your ID cards? It helps you grab the attention of more people.

4. Use High-Quality Print

All of our templates are printable and you decide which paper and what quality you want them printed on. However, we highly recommend that you choose a high-quality paint for your print templates, as they do affect how people will perceive your company.

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