How to Make IT and Software Print Template in InDesign?

Every IT or software company needs to have its own print products to deliver their brand or message to the people. A print product can be a letterhead, a brochure, a booklet, an envelope, a flyer, or the like. Print products function differently. Some are for advertisement, and some are for branding. Whatever purpose it may be, it's better to create an eye-catching and effective print to make a mark to people. So, this article is going to help you make an IT or software print. Here are the tips for you:

1. Identify the Kind of Print Material

Start creating your print material by identifying its type. Like what the previous paragraph stated, there are different kinds of print products. With that, identify if you want to create a poster, a letterhead, a flyer, or others. You have to start with this because each print has different requirements and different elements. This way, when you start making one, it's going to be easier.

2. Add Text

Putting text or a label on your IT or software print material is one of the ways you can convey your message. In adding text, make sure that you don't write unnecessary details. There's a high chance of people losing interest when there's a lot of words. To avoid this, focus on the important information and put them on your material.

3. Paste Image(s)

Adding a photo to your print is essential. According to MDG Advertising, people are more into ads that highlight images than the ones that showcase text in ads.

4. Paint It With Colors

Colors can improve the design of your software or IT company print. Make sure that the colors harmonize with each other. You can choose your company's color palette to make your branding more familiar to people.

5. Simplicity Is Key

In the end, simplicity is better than anything else. Your IT or software clients and customers, after all, will be after understandable prints than the ones with grand designs but are hard to comprehend. So, ensure that you create a simple but beautiful print.

Lastly, don't forget to check the quality of your work through Preflight in Adobe InDesign before you go to the printer. Preflight can check if your work has problems or errors.

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