Computers have become a very common sight nowadays. They have become essential when it comes to business management as well as entertainment. In fact according to, in 2019, there were two hundred sixty-one million personal computers were sold around the world. Software development has come so far, from computer applications like Microsoft Word. to high-end PC games. The purchase of such products has now become a mighty industry on its own. This necessitates the need for documenting purchases. You will find excellent samples of ready-made IT and Software Purchase Templates In Google Docs here on our website that you can download and edit on your PC.

How to Make IT/Software Purchase Order Forms in Google Docs?

It is common knowledge that the evolution of information technology has made faster communications as well as efficient work possible. This resulted in more people buying computer software. Purchase order forms allow you to list down the items for procurement. Learn how to make purchase orders simply reading some of the tips down below.

1. Choose a Software

It will be substantially easier for you to create a purchase order form by using a computer application. You might need to use applications like Microsoft Excel to create the spaces for the items to be listed down on the purchase order. Keep in mind to use an application that you are more familiar with to avoid difficulties.

2. Know the Purchase Order Format

All documents need some semblance of order so that any reader would understand the information written within. Formats enable things like purchase orders, invoices, and receipts to be more comprehensive. That is why before making the purchase orders, you should get to know the formats first.

3. Apply the Format

Run your computer application and start making the purchase order form. Align the cells and manipulate their dimensions according to the format. Make sure that you have included details like the company name, address etc. Don't forget about the item categories. Each of the spaces you added should be enough to contain the item names.

4. Input the Items and their Prices

After you have completed your blank PO form you can now use it to list down items that customers will buy. Whether they are software or hardware. You can list the items by filling the blank spaces dedicated to the items. Don't forget to include the corresponding prices for each item.

5. Calculate Total

After placing the items and their prices on the form you can now calculate the total price. The total price is the amount that a customer has to pay for every item that they wanted to buy. You now have a complete purchase form.

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