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The Information Technology and Software sector is one of the biggest and fastest-growing industries in the world. There are millions of dollars worth of IT-related purchases every day, from applications to electronic game currency. Several documents can make your transactions easier. One of these is the purchase order. You can create a purchase order and save effort at the same time. Check out IT and Software Purchase Order Templates and select a ready-made template that will make your future purchase easier. Each of the templates is original, customizable, and downloadable on your computer or mobile device. Grab a template sample and create your customized purchase order today.

What Is an IT and Software Purchase Order?

According to Statista, in 2018, the software market revenue reached 456 billion dollars, and it is expected to grow in the future. This is largely attributed to the growing computer product demand. Buying the items your company needs can be made easy by sending a list of items to the store. This is what purchase orders lets you do. 

How to Create an IT and Software Purchase Order

Purchase orders are convenient if you do not have the time to go to a store and buy. You can simply prepare them in the comfort of your office.  But how do you prepare a purchase order? The tips below can answer this question.

1. Create an Efficient Layout for the Purchase Order

You will want to organize the contents of the purchase order so that its recipient will easily understand it. This is where creating a layout will be convenient. Layouts will allow you to plan the structure of your document and improve it when necessary.

2. Work with Computer Applications that You are Familiar With

Work efficiently by using computer applications that you are comfortable with. Computer apps like Microsoft Word and Google Docs have the tools you will need to create the purchase order.

3. Include the Company Logo and Branding Elements

Logos and branding elements let your purchase order sample have the legitimacy it needs. Logos and branding are not only for marketing. It also brings a sense of accountability when it comes to transactions. Do not forget to place them in your customized purchase order.

4. Add the Company's Contact Details

Communication is necessary when it comes to transactions. Add the company's contact number and address in the purchase order template you are creating. You can also follow the latest communication trends by including your company's social media address.

5. Add the Terms and Conditions

Having a clear understanding of transaction agreements is important. Include a terms and conditions section on the purchase order template.


  • What are the benefits of purchase orders?

      1. It makes your purchase more convenient.
      2. It allows you to negotiate prices with the sellers.
      3. It allows the seller to prepare the invoice and receipts easier.
      4. Purchase orders help in branding and marketing.
      5. It allows your company to form connections with suppliers.
      6. By following the set standards, it gives your company a sense of accountability and trust.
  • How do invoices and purchase orders differ from each other?

      Invoices are sent to you after you have confirmed your intention to purchase a specific item. Invoices also give you the prices of the items you are planning on buying. Purchase orders are sent to the seller. It lists down the items you are planning to buy, and it requests the pricing for the listed items.

  • What applications can you use to create Software purchase orders?

      1. Microsoft Word
      2. Microsoft Excel
      3. Microsoft Publisher
      4. Google Docs
      5. Google Sheets
  • What is software development?

      Software development is the process where a developer designs, builds, and supports software. It involves a lot of processes, and it could take months to complete the development.

  • What does a software developer do?

      A software developer designs, builds, and supports software. Their work may include but are not limited to programming, asset building, debugging, and development documentation.