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How to Create an IT and Software Receipt in Google Docs?

The global information technology industry is on pace to reach $5.2 trillion in 2020, according to a report by CompTIA. According to the statistics, receipts help to be conscientious in reporting the sales transactions. Without further ado, here are some tips on how you can create an IT/Software Receipt using Google Docs.

1. Always Have a Rough Sketch

By this, it means that do not rush in creating your receipt immediately. Always start by listing all the details on a piece of paper. Remember, undue haste makes waste.

2. Launch and Start With an Outline

Open Google Docs and start either with a 'blank' document or get a template from the template gallery on receipt. If its a template edit and customize the highlighted area with your company's details and if its a blank document start from scratch. Always outline its whole structure first rather than creating it from the bottom-up. This way, you can strategically place all the details—quantity, product details, and price—right after in a logical and comprehensive manner.

3. Incorporate Brand Details

Your business name and logo lets you identify if the products were bought from you or not. Most IT/Software products have a service warranty placed on them for a definite period of time, so it pays to ensure that you can recognize your products at first glance. Use 'insert' menu options to insert media files for placing logos and use the 'format' menu for its proper placement among text and tables.

4. Make Room For Adjustments

Changes are very common in every business, so always save some room for adjustments in your receipt. Who knows, later you might consider incorporating barcodes in it for verification.

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